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Hi, I'm Laura

I’m currently based in Cambridgeshire and work in fashion as a content creator. I began this blog back in 2013 as a way to expand on my love of fashion writing. At the time I was feeling pretty self-conscious so creating this platform not only allowed me to share my passion but also boost my confidence. These days you'll most likely find me in my natural habitat of wearing a massive sports jersey, binging netflix and scrolling through holidays sites.

If you fancy getting in contact with me just send an email to: hello@laurajayres.com


There is nothing cosier than a huge knitted jumper, it’s like a permanent blanket hugging you! Most of the time people see jumpers as being only a casual piece to be worn with jeans and legging but that is not the case, slouchy chic is a great trend. Individually both a body con skirt and a chunky knit are staples in your autumnal wardrobe but compiled together make a truly unique seasonal look.

The droopy knit tucked in is such a laid-back style, by tucking in at the front and leaving the back loose it manages to subtly pronounce the waist line. By deliberately making this cool undone look it appears effortless and if this carefree styles is good enough for both the Jenner sisters it’s good enough for me!

Paired with a short ‘skort-like’ skirt it screams causal yet refined. Having my legs out makes them look twice as long and contrasts with the baggy jumper! The pair together is a bit of an unexpected style option not quite polished nor is it nonchalant just a unique fun outfit. 

Jumper// H&M
Shoes// LilyLuLu