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Hi, I'm Laura

I’m currently based in Cambridgeshire and work in fashion as a content creator. I began this blog back in 2013 as a way to expand on my love of fashion writing. At the time I was feeling pretty self-conscious so creating this platform not only allowed me to share my passion but also boost my confidence. These days you'll most likely find me in my natural habitat of wearing a massive sports jersey, binging netflix and scrolling through holidays sites.

If you fancy getting in contact with me just send an email to: hello@laurajayres.com



Over the summer I redecorated my bedroom and a couple of people seemed interested in seeing what my new room looks like. I’m a sucker for monochrome so that was the main theme I wanted, I’ve also spent hours scrolling through the minimal interior tag on pinterest and decided to clear out all of my junk. This is in hopes that a clean and simple space will help me have a minimal mindset. The majority of furniture and the wooden floor is from Ikea, if you are interested in knowing about anything in particular just leave a comment below!