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There are so many opinions and myths out there about skincare, it’s hard to know what to believe.

We’ve literally just come out of one of the hottest summers this century and quite frankly your skin is going to be feeling it. The sudden change in temperature will not have gone unnoticed on your face. So it’s the perfect time to be upping your skincare routine and busting the myths you’ve never been too sure about.

#1 SKINCARE MYTH: If I mix products that contain SPF I’ll have super protected skin

Nope. Unfortunately this not true but it would be great if it were!

What actually happens is that the higher SPF rating will cancel out the others. For example, if you have an SPF cream which is SPF 30 but then you use a moisturiser afterwards which is SPF 40 you won’t have a combined protection of SPF 70, you’ll just have protection of SPF 40.

A lot of skincare myths are surround SPF and what will actually protect your skin. So just a quick thing to note is that isn’t a sunscreen which will be able to block all UV rays but the higher the level of SPF, the better standing you have.

The most common level in skincare is SPF 30 which can block 97% of UV rays while SPF 50 is only 1% higher with a protection rate of 98%.

#2 SKINCARE MYTH: If it’s not sunny I don’t need to wear any sun protection

No, no, no. Just because it isn’t sunny doesn’t mean there aren’t any UV rays. In fact, qsun.com have reported that even when it’s cloudy “up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can penetrate through clouds and cause damage to your skin”. This is probably one of the most important skincare myths to disprove because the sun, as much as we love it, can be disastrous for your skin.

UV rays can cause sun damage and more distressingly, skin cancer, so it can not be stressed on enough that SPF is one of the most important things you can add to your skincare routine ASAP. SPF can be found in numerous different products such as creams or sprays and will instantly make a noticeable difference to you skin.

Interestingly enough skincancer.org has proven that using SPF 15 daily can reduce your risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma by 40% and lower your melanoma risk by 50%. This is alongside preventing your skin ageing prematurely and getting sun spots.

#3 SKINCARE MYTH: Anti-Ageing products are for older people


Absolutely not. Dermatologists actually recommend that you should start using anti-ageing products in your early twenties. There is no point in starting anti-ageing treatments when your skin has already aged. The whole idea is preventing ageing for as long as possible.

It might feel like SPF is being shoved down your throat a bit in this post, however, it is one of the best measures you can take to prevent ageing.

Things that will age your skin include a bad diet, excessive exposure to UV rays, stress and smoking. So while you should try and incorporate anti-ageing treatments into your skin from your 20s, you should also be monitoring other health aspects that could age you.

One thing to make sure of is that you pick the right anti-ageing skincare products for your skin. Like any product, not everything will suit you. Sure your best friend might have had amazing results from a specific eye cream, but be aware that it might hinder your skin. So do your research.

#4 SKINCARE MYTH: Organic skincare products are just for hippies and vegans

Okay, there has been a rise in slapping ‘VEGAN’ and ‘ORGANIC’ on beauty products in the last 18 months so it’s understandable if you think it’s a gimmick. Honestly, some of it is.

Just because a product says it’s organic doesn’t mean it much because what actually is organic? It’s a vague term which doesn’t instil a lot of confidence.

Natural products, however, are beneficial. It’s important to know what is going into your system and would you rather a chemical you’ve never heard of, or naturally souced vitamins? Now, just because these products come from nature doesn’t automatically make them a dream on your skin as the term ‘natural’ isn’t tightly regulated. Similarly to the last skincare myth, the advice is knowing what works for you. For instance, not everyone will react to tea tree oil positively, some people will prefer chemical ingredients and that’s okay.

If you are strongly interested in natural products you should download Think Dirty. It’s an app which lets you scan products to see how toxic they are and what the ingredients can do to you.

#5 SKINCARE MYTH: I’ve got dark skin so I don’t need sun protection

Please, please, please don’t believe this. It’s already been said how important sun protection and it doesn’t matter what pigment your skin is, UV rays will still affect you. I read so many posts where people think because they can’t see their skin burning they are somehow protected. Again, this is untrue.

High amounts of melanin make your skin darker but just because you can’t see any damage doesn’t mean you’ve not got any. Due to a higher amount of melanin, dark-skinned people do have a higher natural SPF than light-skinned people. For instance, it’s said that dark-skinned African Americans can have natural protection up to 13 SPF. Remember how SPF 30 is the most common? Yeah, that’s why dark skin still needs sun protection.

Please remember anyone, any colour, any age can get skin cancer so don’t fall into a trap where you think you’re protected because then you’re actually the most at risk.

#6 SKINCARE MYTH: Face wipes are the best at getting my makeup off

Not true at all. Face wipes may give the impression that they clear your face of makeup they’re not great for your skin.

To start, a lot of face wipes aren’t even biodegradable. They’re abrasive on your skin depending on the brand and can actually increase your chance of getting wrinkles. Face wipes are so easy which makes it harder to ditch them but please do not think of face wipes as a step in your skincare routine, that alone is a myth.

All face wipes do is take the very top layer of your makeup off, they don’t penetrate the skin so all of that remaining makeup and daily dirt will stay clogged up in your pores. The best way to combat this is to cleanse until the cows come home. Best advice you’ll get: ditch the face wipes all together and get a good facial cleanser.


#7 SKINCARE MYTH: You’ll see great results from new and expensive products straight away

If only this were true.

Firstly, it really doesn’t matter how much you pay for a product. Not all expensive products are good, nor are all drugstore products bad for you. It literally just depends on your skin and what suits you.

Secondly, it’s very unlikely to see amazing results from new products straight away. If anything, you should be aware that changing your skincare routine can actually cause breakouts. This isn’t a negative, it’s just your skin pushing all that stubborn dirt out of your pores and onto the surface. If you do break out from changing your routine, it should only for a couple of weeks maximum.


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