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I decided it was time to do a make up shop since I was running very low on concealer and a friend of mine was saying that I should get Prep & Prime by Mac which lead to a Mac haul. I also finally bought Nars Laguna Bronzer, something I have used and loved but never actually owned – this obviously meant I had to buy a new brush! I also bought a pressed powder and two Studio Fix Fluid Foundations (they are different colours because my skin tone changes throughout the year).
I decided to buy insert since it works out cheaper and I can create my own personal pallet, I had no real theme with my eyeshadow colours and just went for neutral tone, colours that would look smokey together and a bright orange-because you never know when you need orange lids!

(Right-left) Nehru, Shadowy Lady, Ground Brown, Bronze,
Retro-Speck, Malt, Era, Orange,
Forgery, Mylar, Silver Ring

Smoked Purple by Mac
For the past year I have been obsessed with purple lipstick and on the high street I could only find Revlon’s Black Cherry which is almost a purpley-red colour which worked as a transitional colour between summer and autumn but still not the deep dark purple I really wanted. Which leads me to this lipstick which is such a dark colour in some lights it almost looks black, it’s matte but looks lovely with a tiny bit of Vaseline on top.
Myth by Mac
To contrast with the dark colour I also wanted a simple nude colour just to wear when I was at work ect. and I happen to notice that Kim Kardashian has worn Myth and if the colour is good enough for a Kardashian its good enough for me! The colour on my skin tone does come out slightly orange however but its versatile for going out as well.