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I’ll be the first to admit that my teeth are definitely not one of my favourite body parts. After having braces for almost four years I self consciously taught myself to hide my teeth at all times and even now I never smile with my teeth. Teeth whitening has always been something I’ve been interested in, once my braces came off my teeth were super white… for three months… I’ve thought if maybe my teeth were whiter I’d smile more so when Minty Coco reached out to me to trial their products I couldn’t accept quick enough.

Minty Coco is a mint flavoured coconut oil for achieving naturally white teeth and a healthy mouth. It explains on the box that oil pulling is an ancient detoxification technique that started in India as oil gargling thousand of years ago. Inside the box contains fourteen cute sachets, one for every day.
They suggest oil pulling in the morning before you brush your teeth, I have to mention that I have been using a whitening toothpaste too! The box instructs you to swish the oil around your teeth and mouth for 5-15 minutes, I did 15 minutes every time.
First impressions: yuck.
The taste is very strong and pushing it around for 15 minutes is actually very tiring on your jaw but I pushed through it. Honestly though afterwards my mouth was super fresh all day and my teeth felt so smooth.
A few more days in,  I started to get use to the taste but the ache still persisted. I couldn’t tell if there was any change to my teeth colour but I am sure my mouth has never felt healthier.
Unfortunately, around the fifth day I had to stop my trial! I’d come down with the flu and has to spend days in bed – so I would say if this was done every day during two weeks the results would probably differ! 
After a week off I returned to the oil pulling and discovered the tolerance I’d built up for the taste had disappeared. I struggled through and completed the box. When I looked through the photos I’d taken daily during the trial I couldn’t believe the results! I was determined my teeth looked the same and while I was initially disappointed, I was still so surprised at how healthy my mouth was feeling.
Then I looked at the pics and saw how crazy the difference was!
To see the whole journey, I’ve made a short video showing the day-by-day changes after using my Minty Coco. 
If you want to try Minty Coco for yourself click here!

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