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My Natural Daily Skincare Routine for Combination Skin - Laura J Ayres
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After talking about why I stopped wearing makeup it felt like the natural progression would be to post my daily skincare routine.

Like I’ve said before, my skincare routine has been a bit sporadic over the years. I would have months of no care, then weeks of throwing tons of products on my skin that I had done no research into. I had never educated myself about what products are good or detrimental for my skin, nor taken much note of what my skin type is.

This year I’ve made a huge change in my beauty routine by making sure everything I use is as natural as possible. I never knew that products you put on your skin go into your bloodstream so as soon as I found out, I had to make sure I knew every ingredient and was happy to put that on my skin.

Know your skin type…

Now, learning your skin type is definitely the most important part of any skincare routine. It’s stupid to use products that might look great on the gram but you have oily skin the product is meant for dry skin. I was fortunate enough to have my skin analysed at an event a few years ago, they used a machine that took tiny samples of my skin from different areas of my face and printed a report of my skin. You don’t need to be this extra when finding out your skin type, visiting a dermatologist or beautician will also do the trick! I discovered, like many, I have combination skin.

Combination skin is where you have oily, dry and normal patches all over your face. My main dry areas are my nose and under my eyes, while my forehead suffers from chronic oiliness but my jawline area is relatively normal. With all this in mind, it does take a while to suss out the right skincare routine and by no means will this routine be right for everyone, it’s just what I find works the best for me.



The first thing to say is that skincare is one of the biggest commitments in my life and I do do this twice a day.

The first part of my skincare routine is cleansing. It’s probably my favourite part of the whole routine because I find it very rewarding to wipe the day off.

I actually use two cleansers, the Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion and The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. I prefer to use the butter when I’ve worn makeup because its a dream to get product off your face. I’ve also stopped using face wipes so the butter is a great alternative and I use the Makeup Eraser to wipe the butter off.

Day-to-day when I’ve not worn makeup I simply use the lotion. I swear by the Mario Badescu Facial Spray so when I saw the cleanser version I had to give it a go! I just apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe over my face in circular motions.


Next up I tone with the Pixi Glow Tonic Toner. You’ve probably heard of this toner as it has been all over Instagram and for now its what I am using. This was a bit of a blind purchase that I only really got because of Instagram but at the minute it is working for me so I kept it.

When I need to change up the toner I swap out the Pixi for the Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Toner.

I always follow toning up with pure Vitamin E Oil. Vitamin E Oil is super cheap and helps penetrate the skin so the rest of your products can delve deeper.

After letting the oil sink in I follow with the amazing Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum from The Ordinary. I’ve used a few different serums from The Ordinary but this one has to be my favourite. I use one pipet and rub it in which helps reduce lines and the size of my pores.




I’m a little bit cheeky when it comes to eye cream. I actually have a pot of Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream which I have created from a ton of samples! Considering the cream is £49 for 15ml, I’m pretty proud of my freebie pot. The cream itself is worth the money and I will invest once my current pot is done with.

To finish off the bi-daily routine I use the Herbivore Pink Cloud cream which is a natural rose oil cream that works miracles and I highly recommend.


While face masks aren’t part of my everyday routine, they are a frequent part which I use within the week.

For a really good clean of my pores, I love The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Revealing Peel. When I first heard of this peel I really didn’t know what to expect but I swear this natural mask is one of the most effective products I own!

As a sneaky mask which brightens my face up in the morning, I use The Body Shop Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask two to three times a week. Not only does this mask smell incredible, but it also makes dull tired skin look fresh and energised.

Similarly to my eye cream, I have a vast selection of samples when it comes to face masks. I like to change them up depending on my skin’s current situation and it keeps things cheap so I can invest more in my main products.


So there you have it, my complete daily skincare routine. The majority of these products are natural and that is something which I am finding so important when purchasing products these days. As I said I learnt not too long ago that whatever goes onto your skin will end up being absorbed through your pores and enter your bloodstream. This knowledge completely changed my outlook on skincare and I cannot press enough about how important it is to know what you are putting into your body!

Please take note of what ingredients are in your products because it will not only benefit your skin but your whole body will thank you over time.


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