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Life has been absolutely crazy for the past few months. In November I was flying around America, I came back and got a new job, then Christmas hit followed by New Year and it has been mental ever since! This being said, I had to put my skincare to the back of the pile. When I received the Demalogica Superfoliant pack* from Influenster I was over the moon! I’d spent the previous week submerged under face mask, after face mask, trying to resurrect some hydration in my skin.

Inside this fab little box, I received the Daily Superfoliant, Special Cleansing Gel, Skin Smoothing Cream and Precleanse Balm with an exfoliating glove! I have taken a while to write this purely because I wanted it to be an honest review of something that I have really incorporated into my life!

Straight away I was excited yet pretty confused with the order of which I should use each product, this took a while for me to work out and I eventually I went with the superfoliant, precleanse balm, cleansing gel and then the cream. Again, I worked out my skin only needed one session of the superfoliant every two days, while the rest of the routine took place a night.

The Superfoliant

The Superfoliant isn’t the easiest to work, I made quite a lot of mess trying to mix the right ratio of charcoal powder with water. Even so, this product was incredible, it smelt like you were in a spa and my skin felt like it had had a professional facial afterwards. You simply wash off the mask-esque product and continue on! I noticed my skin looked tighter with fewer lines within around a week.

The Precleanse Balm

The Precleanse Balm has to be my favourite though, I had never done a pre-cleanse before so this was very new to me. The small exfoliating glove was a godsend and the instructions indicated the correct amount to apply making it simple for even me! Going in circular motions and adding a touch of water, this balm lighting foams making you feel like you are getting in every crevis, preparing your skin.

Interestingly enough, I actually feel like the cleansing gel wasn’t really for me, I personally prefer a cream cleanser that I can use with cotton wool. This just felt like I had to wash my face and dry it again after the superfoliant, just making the process lengthy. I do feel as if it does compliment the precleanse balm and did aid my skin in clearing up, however, the texture just isn’t right for me.

The Moisturiser

Finally, I used the cream as a moisturiser. The cream itself is rather thick and hydrating, this is ideal for when you are heading to bed straight after, however when I did test out this process out in the mornings, the cream was too heavy for my skin and I struggled with applying makeup afterwards. This being said, at night my skin was as soft as anything and changing my routine to just using at night wasn’t a big problem for me.

Overall, Dermalogica saved my skin this new year! Altogether the products compliment each other perfectly and really provide you with the spa-quality finish. Looking at my skin today, lots of my dark patches and lines have reduced while my skin naturally appears tighter and more hydrated. Also if I miss a couple of days of skincare, it’s not that noticeable my skin seemed to cope pretty well!  

Obviously, I said I made the choice to use the products only once a day and this was because I found these products to be quite intense as they are made by dermatologists, my skin just could cope twice a day, it was too much on pores and I was left looking red and a little puff for a couple of days!  

I’m incredibly grateful for receiving this kit and I am definitely going to be purchasing the superfoliant and precleanse balm as soon as I run out! I’m also pleased to say that Dermalogica really does live up to the hype and is worth the money. It is true, you do pay for what you get and Dermalogic is no exception!


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