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Recently, I had my skin assessed with a series of crazy high tech sensors and I was super shocked to be told my skin is really dehydrated! As someone who only tends to drink water and I religiously moisturise I couldn’t understand my results but after a chat with the consultant, it made sense.

There is far more to keeping your skin hydrated than just water and most people have dry skin without even knowing it. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, taking up a huge 20 square foot area! To make sure your skin gets fully hydrated you need to be using other hydrating products like overnight masks, but to get the best out of them you need to open up your pores and remove the dead skin. The build-up of dead skin can give the illusion of lines and also increase your chance of getting wrinkles in the future and let’s be honest no one wants that! To do this you need to exfoliate, I create my own scrub that takes minutes, it’s so effective and I get to control the ingredients I’m putting on my face. Plus it’s fun!


  • 270g Sugar (brown or white)
  • 6 bags of green tea 
  • 100ml Olive oil
  • 2tbs of water
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Lemon juice
  • Optional 1tbs of honey

Firstly I pour the sugar into a bowl. Sugar on it’s own is great as an exfoliator, it works as the grit of the scrub removing the dead cells sat on the skin and the glycolic acid opens up the pores and evens the skin tone out. I follow that up with the green tea leaves, I  just tear open green tea bags rather than having the getting actual leaves. We all know green tea is just an all round great product, it works at removing the antitoxins in the skin which helps prevent ageing. It’s also great for combating skin blemishes and irritation plus it also repairs scarred tissue!


The next ingredient is a little surprising; olive oil. its is what blends everything together into that gooey scrub consistency. Pour in 100ml of oil, if needed feel free to add a little more! Olive oil is full of vitamins, primarily vitamin E, once again it is an antioxidant like green tea, it’s a natural moisturiser that helps condition and heal the skin while also having anti-aging benefits.   On top of this just add a couple of drops of Vanilla extract and lemon juice to give the scrub a tasty smell and then stir it all in. If it’s going on your face it might as well smell amazing too


Start to stir vigorously, once everything is blended add your two tablespoons of water and you’re done. An optional ingredient you can add is honey. Honey is great for the skin, it helps lock in water in the skin. Unfortunatelyits I don’t have any honey at the moment but next time it’s going in!   Make sure you store your scrub somewhere cool and fairly dark to keep it at it’s best. I recommend making a new scrub every three weeks just to keep fresh and effective.


Remember there isn’t a stock answer for exfoliating, everyone is different, this might not work for all skin types. Saying this I would suggest exfoliating every other day and then decide for yourself if thats working for you and if you need to up or down the usage.    I would love to know if anyone else make their own scrubs and what they put in theirs. Also if anyone tries out my scrub I would really like to know how you get on!


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