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If I’m honest I don’t wear false eyelashes daily, too much tinkering around but when I do I have to have a killer pair. That’s why I was so excited when Threads sent me out three pairs of their fab lashes! All of Threads’ lashes are handmade, which makes the details on the featherweight lashes perfect. Importantly the glue is included (a deal breaker if you ask me) and it’s fragrance and Latex free. Initially, I was confused by the glue, you have to snap off the lid and the other side of the lid has a hole to reseal.

Rock Chic Lashes
The pair I was straight away drawn to was the Rock Chic Lashes (these all retail at £9). I really liked the mixture of lengths and the daintiness of them. They went on very easily, blending perfectly with my natural lashes. I felt my eyes looked so pretty with these on, I didn’t even need to cut them for my eye shape, they just worked completely with what I already have! I would definitely consider wearing these on more of a daily basis, maybe not to the shops but surely for days outs and meeting with friends.
Angel Eyes Lashes
The second pair I tried on were the Angel Eyes Lashes. On first glance, I was a little apprehensive of how big they were. Honestly, I wouldn’t have picked this set out for myself but I was pleasantly surprised! I did struggle to get them on but eventually I managed, with a little practice I’m sure I’ll be fine. These will be making a return when I next go on a night out!
Be-Bop Lashes
Finally I had the Be-Bop Lashes left to try, these were the pair I sort of dismissed when I opened the parcel. They were average in comparison to the big and long lashes that joined them. Out of all the lashes I think the Be-Bop’s went on the best out of the three, their length was super natural and I couldn’t believe that they sat so close to my lash line without looking false.
I think if I ever pluck up the energy to wear lashes everyday, this would be the pair. It’s difficult to find a pair of lashes that give you the definition and length while not looking false!
Top-Bottom: Rock Chic, Angel Eyes, Be-bop
There is only one criticism of these lashes. I found that there was slightly too much glue holding the lashes onto the white plastic packaging. I actually pulled a tiny part out of the Angel Eyes as I tried to remove it from the plastic. So just a warning, hold onto your excitement as you unpack them and just be careful!
None of these had that fake-y look to them and I’ve been raving about their comfort left, right and centre! I wear contact lenses and sometimes lashes do irritate my eyes so finding lashes that work for me is just amazing and I’ll be repurchasing!
You can have a look at the whole range over at ThreadsBeauty.com

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