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If you had asked me six months ago how I would feel if my foundation ran out, I would most likely answer; panic.

Ever since I was 13, I’ve dabbled in makeup and over recent years I’d become a bit of an addict. Just popping to the shop? Full glam on. A new pallet out? I would order it right away. A new contouring trend? I would watch hours of videos and meticulously practice it.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with doing those things, and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it, it did come with some costs – I’m not just talking about the £45 Kevyn Aucoin highlighter brush I spontaneously bought because the shop assistant said it was good. I actually realised I was heavily relying on the products I was putting on my face and not in a good way.

The thought of having to show my face without makeup on freaked me out so much I completely shut down the whole Youtube thing down, and that was four years ago.

Unrecognisable without makeup

When I look back, one of the biggest warning signs had to be my brief stint on Youtube. I’d always wanted to give it a go and when I finally had enough confidence I made some videos. The videos were received well by the few who watched them and a couple of people commented and requested some video ideas. This was where I had the downfall. They wanted night time routines and get ready with me videos, all which would require my bare face so I simply ended it. The thought of having to show my face without makeup on freaked me out so much I completely shut down the whole Youtube thing down, and that was four years ago.

Stop Wearing Makeup - Before
An everyday makeup look from January

I didn’t realise at the time how detrimental that mindset was but the fact that showing my face without makeup would cause me to stop doing something I enjoyed is ridiculous. Little things like that were happening all the time, I hated leaving the house without a full face on and would panic if I didn’t have time to put foundation on. I can honestly say that thought of having to stop wearing makeup would have brought me to tears.

Foundation was my biggest addiction

If I were to do a natural look it would still include a pretty heavy coverage foundation. If I had to ditch eyebrows, eyeshadows and lipstick, I would do that before getting rid of foundation. I relied on having that airbrushed finish so much so that I hated what my actual skin looked like. I would look at girls on Instagram using the nomakeup hashtag and instantly feel like I needed a foundation to even come remotely close to their skin. Now I can see that I was living in this facade where makeup was determining who I was as a person and my own self-worth. Foundation alone became this weird cover-up which I had to have on or I wasn’t enough. When I say enough, I’m not sure if I mean enough for everyone else or enough for myself but I now know it wasn’t true, nor healthy.

They don’t tell you how bad makeup is for you skin

All of this obsessing over how my makeup looked massively took a toll on how I saw my actual skin. I saw it as flawed, uneven and unattractive. I was so used to seeing this filtered version of myself that I didn’t really recognise or like what was actually underneath.

The makeup itself was also causing massive issues with my skin, I was finding it dry and patchy. My sacred foundation wouldn’t apply smoothly and in photos, my face was starting to resemble a mouldy potato with how uneven it looked. Fine lines were rife and honestly, my skin looked way older than it should.

I would buy what bloggers raved about without a second thought, use it for a week then put it to the back of the shelf for a month.

Skincare is something that I used to indulge in sporadically. I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve always had relatively clear skin so I never felt like I had to work at it. I would buy what bloggers raved about without a second thought, use it for a week then put it to the back of the shelf for a month. I just wasn’t consistent.

Time for a change

Two months ago is when this all changed. I was sat talking some of my friends about skincare and realised my regime – if I can call it that – was severely lacking. Just hearing about what products others were using and their results pushed me to revitalise my skincare so my face didn’t appear so mouldy. I made a huge order of natural products that night and threw away all of my ignorant, chemical-filled purchases from the years before.

As daunting as this all was, I knew I had to stick at it and not just give up after a week because I got lazy. I wanted to see results and the most obvious thing was to let my skin breath after all of these years. Initially, It was just going to be a week of stopping wearing makeup. I had gone bare-faced to the office a couple of times so I knew that while it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience it would be worth it in the end.

A week turned into a bit longer

In a week my relatively clear skin was completely clear and glowing. I had numerous people compliment me about how healthy I was looking and asking me about what I had changed. I explained how it was all down to not wearing makeup, natural products and water.

Now water is so important and I learnt this quickly. I only really drink water and herbal tea so when I went into this challenge I upped my water intake and that dryness on my skin just disappeared. It could also be the products but I found this change was all over my body, not just the face. Suddenly though the face that I dreaded seeing was looking better than my foundation had ever looked and I felt proud showing that.

Full face of makeup: December 2018
No makeup and untouched photo: April 2019

In a matter of weeks I had gone from one extremity to another.

Now I’m not saying that wearing makeup is bad, I just know that my relationship with makeup was unhealthy. This detox as such was just as mentally refreshing as physically refreshing as it showed me that my natural appearance is actually alright. I’m also not going to sit here and say that I don’t ever wear makeup or won’t in the future because that’s not true. I have on a few occasions worn makeup but mostly without foundation and I’m telling you that my skin looks unreal.

It’s going to sound incredibly cheesy but I do feel like I’ve had a wake-up call. I feel really comfortable in my own skin which is something that I haven’t felt in a long time and I feel proud that I put work into a routine that has paid off. I also have so much extra time in bed now I don’t have to wake up to do a 35 minute makeup look so I really cannot complain about making the descision to stop wearing makeup.


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