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As I’m sure you’re all aware my blog has had a serious revamp. I mean look at it, all sleek and minimal. I owe all credit and a massive thanks to Kotryna Bass who created this custom design,  I urge you to go and check out her page! It felt only right to have a simple look as my first post on my new clean blog.

There is nothing I love more than a cheeky slogan tee, they’re so easy to wear and super versatile. The phrase A Sass a Day Keeps the Basics Away is just so hilarious too!  I’m currently loving this whole ‘sassy’ style and as soon as soon I saw this Missguided shirt I just knew it was an essential piece needed in my wardrobe. I’ve cut the top from a t-shirt into a cropped style purely because it looks more flattering and gives the look an edgier vibe.
For this casual outfit I decided to pair the top with a simple pair of black high waisted jeans. It’s only been recently I realised that I didn’t own just a normal pair of black skinny jeans, crazy right? So I ditched the rips and and went back to basics, by wearing plain jeans it highlights the important elements such as the top and the shoes.

I’ve been constantly using this Chloe duplicate clutch, this statement accessory is by Missguided and I cannot get enough it. While it’s black and could blend in with the jeans, the material sets it apart. The gorgeous suedette snakeskin flap and faux leather material mixed with the gold ring and suedette tie. I still adore the seventies trend and this clutch screams nostalgia, it just glams up the outfit for if you’re off for cocktails with the girls!
I know what you’re all thinking, what about those shoes? These killer suede block heels are from River Island, and once again a huge throwback to the seventies. With the whole outfit being monochromatic the heels just add a pop of colour and interest. Surprisingly they are phenomenally comfy as well as being super cute, the plate on gold on the heel also breaks up the colourings.
Casual stylings are my favourites, it’s really nice just being comfortable but also feeling chic and confident. The heels add a more formal element but even when wearing trainers or converse this outfit can work for a daily look, going shopping or meeting with friends. Whereas with the heels this outfit screams drinks or a meal with the girls, the perfect mix between classy and casual.
Jeans// New Look
Shoes// River Island
  • It's been a pleasure, Laura! Your blog looks great! x

    March 23, 2016

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