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Today has been my birthday and I turned nineteen! My parents decided to take me into Cambridge, right next to the riverside to have a meal and some champagne. Luckily the sun was out and it was such a lovely day.
I am a bit obsessed with monochrome, I wore my Misguided top which is perfect for the hot weather since it is actually backless, it is only the second time I’ve worn this top because of the weather. The material is so light and the hem down the back is cut in a way that makes it waves and gives it a cute edge on just a black shirt. I paired this up with my white Zara skort that again I have had in my wardrobe since their sale in January and only just rediscovered it! I always think skorts have a way of making everything look a bit more sophisticated. Since it is white I always get a bit nervous of my underwear being on show but the material is thick enough to stop any VPL issues! 
To finish off I had my trusty Mulberry Bayswater and H&M necklace which I am fixated with! On my feet I have on another Ebay find which are sold out currently but are very similar to the Topshop Kappa’s!

Top// Misguided (sold out)
Skort// Zara (in black)
Necklace// H&M
Bracelet// John Lewis (sold out)
Shoes// Ebay 
Bag// Mulberry 

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