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After stuffing down food for the past month reality has finally come back loud and clear! Personally I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic recently and I have been so tempted just to throw on a big jumper and leggings combo most days. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way but it can be changed, you can wear a stylish outfit that’s still simple and comfy!

First up I am not really the type to wear jeans often but considering the icy weather that’s hit the UK at the minute I may have changed my mind! Skinny jeans aren’t just a section of your everyday wardrobe, they manage to instantly make an outfit slightly edgier and stylish.
I recently bought this gorgeous sweater from Boohoo with the idea that it would be a ready-to-wear item that would be snuggly and look completely effortless. I’ve never really worn any ‘lace up’ top before now so I was feeling apprehensive about trying out this new trend however I absolutely adore it! It totally lived up to expectations with its slightly thick material keeping me warm although it makes the perfect piece to be layered up for that laid-back look.
I’ve chosen to layer this look with one of my favourite biker jackets, completing the off-white tones of the sweater is this gorgeous suede camel jacket. Biker jackets are the statement piece of the millennium with practically everyone owning at least one, they are made for seasonal transition and being layered with knits underneath.
While the jacket hints back to last seasons seventies trends this statement belt screams western, western belts made a comeback this summer with them taking over Coachella like a storm and they seem to have stuck. This belt manages to accessorise the entire look and matched with the lace neck line it gives the appearance of a simple casual pairing look effortlessly chic!
Finally I topped this outfit off with a pair of ankle high, block heeled boots. By adding a bit of height to me with the shoes it formalises the outfit making it appearing chicer, so while wearing a slouchy jumper and jeans you can remain classy and fashionable. The boots also happen to match the jacket, this draws the top of the outfit in with the bottom creating a continuous theme.
Camel is the colour of the season, it manages to make everything look more expensive, even a pair of Primark boots! By wearing the slightly oversized sweater it instantly give off a ‘I just threw this on’ vibes especially twined with a tight pair of trousers, the contrast is what makes it seem quirky and nonchalant.
Sweater// Boohoo
Jeans// New Look
Jacket// New Look (Similar)
Belt// Boohoo
Shoes// Primark

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