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It’s October and that means it’s starting to cool down so it’s the official return of the turtle neck jumper. I never used to understood the hype about turtle necks, I even made the statement ‘You will never see me in a turtle neck’, I guess I didn’t keep to my word….opps!

The high neck jumper is the one item that I think we can all agree we are thankful for, it manages to be classy while being so practical in the cold weather! This ribbed cropped jumper from Boohoo is so comfortable, it has super long sleeves which looks great paired with a duster jacket where the sleeves can poke out creating a contrasting layer. The ribbed style just tones everything down introducing a casual slouchy vibe. 
I believe everyone should own one pair of culottes, they work as a great transition between the seasons. I found myself worrying as the trend appeared that as gorgeous as they look, they would only look flattering on models at Fashion Week, however these white short culottes manage to make my legs look miles long! 
The high waist just meets the bottom of the cropped jumper but with movement it reveals the midriff complimenting my waistline. A staple for this season is the white turtle neck and the white striped jumper matches perfectly with the white culottes. 
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my most recent purchase, these thigh-high suede boots from River Island which I paired with the culottes. Again in a practical sense they are perfect for the cold weather by not showing any skin and is an interesting way of layering this Autumn.
Jumper// Boohoo
Culottes// Boohoo
Boots// River Island
Bag// Mulberry


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