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Can somebody please tell me where has our summer gone, I was promised heat and sun, and yet I have been graced with rain and wind. I thought this was meant to be August?! 
Since we’re having such a glum couple of weeks I’ve fallen back into autumnal clothing once again, which is easy considering all the fall clothing has hit the shops! 
(I do have to apologise for the quality of the photos as I’ve had a few technical difficulties with my camera so it fell to my phone camera!)
You all know I’m a sucker for a bit of fringe and even though it doesn’t feel like summer there is no reason not to keep bringing it out. This flawless wrap is the colour of the summer, bringing out the seventies vibes whilst the suede material keeps it in check with the ever approaching autumn. It comes in one size and I have to say it’s especially warm even if it doesn’t look much. 
Ripped jeans have to be a god send in the UK;  looking incredible and being warm when the sun is hidden, while the tears just hint a bit of skin which is vital in the summer. I am a huge fan of ripped boyfriend jeans, they go with literally anything, I strongly advise everybody to own at least one pair!
Unfortunately I cannot say where the belt is from as I happened to have ‘borrowed’ it from my Dad since I don’t have a plain black belt.  
Some of you many recognise my necklace as one I’ve raved about before, sadly it sold out on Boohoo and hasn’t come back, the details just break up the block colours that surround it. Its a statement  that matches the buckle on the belt too.
 Finally I can gush about these fabulous chelsea boots! I was lucky enough to find them in sale at only £25 and even though they are one size too small for me they do fit pretty well. They have a cushioned insole which is great for walking long distances and the natural hair material is pretty durable. The colourings match the wrap almost perfectly, the turn up style of the jeans with the height of the boots also manages to elongate my legs which is never a bad thing!
Top// New Look
Necklace// Boohoo (similar)
Jeans// H&M (similar)
Shoes// Warehouse 
(for some reason the only link I can find is ASOS but the price is more than I paid in store)

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