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With less than a week to go until Valentines Day it’s time to start planning. Whether you go on a date with a significant other or a mate-date, the outfit is essential. I met my boyfriend on Valentines and as cliche as it is, we always have a date on the 14th. Before then I never really had much time for Valentines Day, so I like to mix it up when we go out.  This look is all about contrast, there is something about looking particularly feminine for Valentines but, make it individual.

Arguably, the most iconic item in fashion is the Little Black Dress. In 1926, Coco Chanel reinvented the LBD and when it graced the pages of Vogue, they described it as “the frock that all the world will wear”. I think it’s fair to say that majority of women own a LBD, their popularity is derived from the sheer versatility of having a piece that can suit all shapes. This gives women the opportunity to recreate their own LBD style.
It’s common knowledge that I adore a bardot style, I find the cut to be flattering while also a little flirtatious. When I found this LBD from Pretty Little Thing I couldn’t resist, the style was perfect for me, plus the lace front detail is super sassy. It might not be a frock the world would wear, but it’s definitely a frock I’ll be wearing for a long time.
I think we all know that the jacket is the statement in this look. First off, oversized jackets are just an ode to the dying art of being given guy’s jacket. Secondly, the practicality. Denim is always warm on February nights. Draping the washed denim over the shoulders gives the dress a bit more of an edgy vibe. It still maintains feminine while not completely traditional. Also a jacket like this will hide one million sins! That meal and wine will be hidden at the end of the night!
You never want a huge handbag when you go out, but you’ve got to be able to keep the essentials on hand. This minimal little bag from Zara matches the colour of the dress but adds a little more glam with the golden metallic handles. 
I’m pretty sure the majority of women have a pair of Yeezy- esque sock boots. Their popularity has grown with the vast amount of celebrities donning an authentic pair and the minimal yet stylish shape of the shoe. Surprisingly, they are very comfortable and I’ve even found myself wearing them to walk around the shops. Due to the ankle length of the boot it splits up skin on show. By wearing this style it also tones down the look, of course you could wear a pair of stilettos but it would not be as complimentary with the jacket.
Jacket // ASOS
Choker // LaModa
Boots // Ego Official (similar)
Bag // Zara

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