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I am amazed by this scent, it’s so strong and oozes confidence. It has a fruity smell to it and refreshes me throughout the day.
Clinque Eyelash Curlers
I’ve never been a daily user of eyelash curlers, just when the mood takes me however these are exceptional! Paired with my L’oreal mascara my lashes look never ending and I’ve not even consider a false pair since using them!

Primark Lipliner
I’m a huge fan of just wearing lipliner to create a matte look on my lips, I was on the hunt for a mid-brown liner but I couldn’t find one anywhere until I came across this gem in Primark for £1.99, it’s a lovely colour and lasts around six hours before I need to reapply!

I am cursed with ever changing skin that causes massive problems when it comes to foundation, I struggle to find a foundation that doesn’t dry my skin out whilst still maintaining good coverage. After going through the expensive brands I just tried L’oreal on the off chance that it was buy one get one free and I was already getting another product. I have to say honestly it’s the best foundation I’ve used in years, it’s durable and manages to keep my skin looking healthy which is a massive positive for me.
Primark Tote Bag
Big bags are always a must, I always carry so much stuff on me and this croc-style tote is made for me, it fits my laptop in perfectly and works for a more stylish hand luggage. 
Sale buys are always the best, saving money really makes you feel proud of an item! These phenomenal wedges were half price and are so quirky, fitting right into ever continuing seventies trend. I’m saving them for my holiday but have slipped them on with a pair of leather leggings that just shout Sandy from Grease!
Whilst on the search for a brown liner I stumbled over this natural colour that combines with Taupe perfectly, it’s recently become my go-to combination for a day-to-day look.


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