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 Happy September everybody!
I have to apologise for the photos, I shot them in a small time period and when I looked back on them I realised the focus wasn’t brilliant. Opps!
Recently I have been falling head over heels for 1960s style which is making a much deserved come back this autumn with duster coats, PU pencils, bold lips and simple liquid eyeliner. But that being said  we are also in the transitional period between Summer and Autumn which is such a difficult time for fashion! I have been trying to wear darker autumn colours but with skirts and shorts to maintain that showed skin for as long as possible!
Ever since I saw Kim Kardashian wearing PVC midi skirts I have fallen for the sophisticated style. On Boohoo I found this lovely PU skirt in the sale for £10, I bought it on a whim and have barely taken it off since it arrived, I feel so stylish and a little bit edgy in it. The skirt itself is naturally high waisted and hugs the hips in just the right way however it is very comfortable even if it squeaks a little as you walk.
I’ve been manically ordering from Boohoo in this past week as their sale has some of the most amazing items, I’ve bought so much for when I go on holiday and it is become one of my most visited webpages!

Paired with my statement skirt I wore my Jim Bean crop top form River Island which is the perfect mix of the two seasons; the cropped fit just screams summer while the grungy colour scheme and bagginess is defiantly a snuggly top for the cooling days to come.
This skirt is the perfect versitale piece to have in your wardrobe this autumn whether it being paired with a merchandise crop top or a black cami with statement necklace and a kimono.
Beauty wise I wore my trusty Black Cherry lipstick from Revlon and a simple flick of eyeliner on the top of my lids.

If you follow me on Instagram you will most likely have seen my small obsession with white platform heels at the moment and you will be proud to hear I have bought a pair!
Surprisingly they are super comfy and I can actually walk in them too which I always good since the last pair of heels I bought didn’t have a platform and I stumbled around the house in them for days! The straps on these lovely heels remind me of gladiator sandals which give a small throwback to the summer trend which I am missing already.
So this is it, see you later Summer!

Skirt// Boohoo
Shoes// Ebay


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