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Easy to style and effortlessly cool, double leather is a look that has many people stumped.

If bold fabrics alone seem scary, wearing multiple pieces of said fabric can be terrifying! I know that Britney and Justin showcased their full-on denim power couple look in 2001 which definitely didn’t do the ‘double’ fabric trend any favours. However, since then the double denim look has definitely cemented its place within fashion culture while double leather is still on the outskirts.

I think it’s fair to say that some people find leather clothing to be quite an intimidating fabric. It’s easy to focus on it being solely for bikers or cast members of Grease rather than a stylish texture to add to your wardrobe. Now, leather itself has had a bit of a hard time over recent years with providing rough looking garments for nostalgic rockers. Similarly to fur, it has also been severely criticised due to the nature of its production, although faux is readily available. In all honesty, I actually buy faux leather so you don’t have to feel guilty about wearing real leather as some faux leather looks the spit of the actual fabric.



Firstly, you need to decide what leather items you want to team together. The best advice for double leather looks is to have at least one of the main items leather so it acts as a foundation. I have just about every garment possible in leather so whatever you envision will be possible.

As leather is often associated with looking aggressive and tough, I chose a skirt as my first piece. Skirts are often linked with being feminine, so a leather skirt manages to soften down any unwanted harshness. The mini skirt is quite a defiant style of the skirt so if you’re wanting a very delicate and versatile look try other styles. For instance, a leather midi with a fitted belt would be great for cinching a waistline and looking elegant. Another option would also be an A-line skirt which would still accentuate the legs but without clinging as tightly as a mini.



To avoid being completely overpowered by leather, a great tip is to try and incorporate another big trend. By having a standout piece asides from the leather, it’ll hone eye’s to that part and detract from the leather and other body parts around it.

By having a standout piece asides from the leather, it’ll hone eye’s to that part and detract from the leather and other body parts around it.

I went for animal print which is huge right now. The bodysuit I’m wearing above is from New Look. It’s mesh in design and features a high neck, so when you look at the outfit you are drawn straight to the bodysuit. The double leather is merely framing the bodysuit and also balancing out my figure.

Ugly trainers are a massive thing right now, so if you wanted to look taller or accentuate your legs, wear statement shoes which will keep people from your face down to your feet, extending your figure.


When wearing double leather you don’t need to stick to just plain black leather, get experimental. There are thousands of styles, colours and cuts, make the most of them.

The skirt I’m wearing has a subtle croc pattern which links with the animal print bodysuit. It also has a statement zipper on the back which complements the jacket’s zippers.

The jacket itself is one of my favourite pieces. I have such a collection of biker jackets but this Zara one stole my heart. The applique tiki skull on the back mixed with the silver studs makes this jacket such a standout. The smooth finish of the jacket contrasts with the croc print skirt making the leather elements stand out on their own.




The most important part about trying any trend is that you give it your own twist.

I personally love draping jackets over shoulders, it looks chic and effortless but can also disguise your torso if you are self-conscious of that area. This specific leather jacket has a boxy shape which sits well when positioned over the shoulders.

As this look comes across a bit retro, I made sure to use that to my advantage. Cat eye sunglasses are very fifties while the white western boots add a touch of cowgirl.

You don’t have to stick to a specific style but when trying to wear double leather make sure the accessories compliment not overpower. Remember the leather should frame the rest of the look not take over!

Leather Jacket // Zara (similar)

Skirt // New Look (similar)

Bodysuit // New Look (similar)

Boots // Primark (similar)

Sunglasses // Pretty Little Thing


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