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When I was first introduced to organza last season, I felt a little intimidated, especially when thinking quite how to wear the sheer trend.

If someone asked me to wear an organza blouse, I would definitely think twice about how it would look and what you could even wear it with. Just six months ago, wearing a see through blouse seemed like something only Rihanna could get away with but sometimes fashion throws us a curveball and suddenly we’re all wearing it.

In my opinion, organza is the lovechild of the puff sleeve and the mesh trend. The puff sleeve trend was born this year and has to be one of my all-time favourite styles, whereas the mesh trend has been bouncing around for decades but mainly focuses on exposing your skin in a covered manner.

So you may ask: what exactly is organza? Well, organza is a sheer fabric that’s often made from silk. It’s similar to chiffon but slightly thicker, meaning it’s less forgiving if you leave it on your bedroom floor.

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Now, If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve seen the organza trend floating around this season. We’ve seen the sheer fabric go up and down the runway on looks for Molly Goddard, Christopher Kane and Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry models.

Obviously anything seen at fashion week is the dramatised version of what the high streets will get but that still may leave you wondering how to tackle wearing organza. To start with, I almost ruled out the whole trend because I felt I didn’t fit into the ‘see through blouse box’, but I can’t tell you how happy I am that I didn’t.

The idea of it being see through is more to do with seeing the movement of the fabric as opposed to seeing your bare boobs

how to wear organza sleeves

I realised that just because I’m not Rihanna and I don’t feel 100% percent confident with my body that that shouldn’t stop me wearing a sheer top. Also, it’s important to remember that with any sheer style, you do not have to go bare underneath, you can opt for a simple cami. The idea of it being see through is more to do with seeing the movement of the fabric as opposed to seeing your bare boobs.

Organza blouses aren’t just for the provocative insta-gals, they’re a staple that will make everyone feel just a touch more stylish. Like I said, I’m not about being full-frontally nude so I purchased the organza blouse I’m wearing because it had a black sheer lining to conceal the skin. So what it comes down to when trying out a new trend is learning how you can adapt it to suit your style and body shape.

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how to wear organza walking 1


  • Straight: If you’re lucky enough to have an up-and-down figure, you’ll be able to get away with most shapes but to really enhance your waistline and define your small curves, wear an organza puff sleeve top with an A-line leather skirt and thigh-high boots.
  • Pear: So your top half is slender in comparison to your hips, well you need to balance that out. By choosing a large puff sleeve organza top you’ll be able to add weight onto the top half. Keep the bottom half in flattering slim fit bottom but make sure you define your waistline with a belt!
  • Strawberry: You’re the opposite to the pear shape so you ideally want to steer clear of the puff sleeve element of the organza trend. You don’t want to extend your upper half anymore! Light fabrics like organza are perfect for your figure as they will skim and soften your angular shoulders.
  • Hourglass: This is the body shape I relate to most so I would advise sticking to a similar style as I’m wearing. You will want to highlight your waistline so make sure you tuck the top in and cinch it carefully with a belt. Keep scrolling to find out more about how I styled this look.

how to wear organza walking 2

One of best parts about wearing organza blouses is that they have literally been made with the ‘jeans and a nice top’ dress code in mind. Since they are such a statement you don’t really need to worry about accessories that much, making them super easy to wear alongside a pair of heels and clutch bag. Obviously, you don’t have to go as bold as I have, you could stick to plain top with an organza scarf or you could go even bolder and try an organza trench coat (for inspiration take a look at Nanushka Tuscan’s trench).

The look I opted for is one that I would feel comfortable wearing to have drinks with the girls or just popping out and about. I know I keep saying it, but organza truly is the star of the show so you don’t need to over-do the rest of the outfits, the blouse will do all the talking on it’s own. I’ve always been a sucker for animal print so that, alongside puff sleeves and organza is an absolute dream. The tones are pretty neutral meaning it’s easy to make into an outfit.

how to wear organza full street

I love mixing up textures in outfits so it felt like the obvious choice was to accompany the organza top with a pair of leather trousers. Thankfully these trousers already have a belt so they define my waistline easily and the slight crop on the ankle balances out the skin on shoe from the top to the bottom. Keeping accessories to a minimal, I just opted for my trusty Forever 21 faux-leather bucket bag and a pair of abstract block heels.

The slight crop on the ankle balances out the skin on shoe from the top to the bottom

The material of the bag complements the trousers and the darker tones of the top and because of it’s size it doesn’t take away from the statement organza sleeves. The shoes however are all about matching the sleeves, the flared heel is just another bold shape that adds obscure lines to the look.

how to wear organza face

Top: Zara | Trousers: H&M | Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Forever 21 (old) – Similar here

PHOTOGRAPHER: Als Taylor (@als_taylor)

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