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How To Wear Ugly Sneakers This Summer - Laura J Ayres
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I had been putting off buying a pair of ugly sneakers for months, then just before the summer, I decided if you can’t beat them, join them.

Now, my main issue with ugly sneakers is the bulkiness. I have a complex about looking stumpy so the last thing I need is something heavy on my feet that accentuates that. That reason, alongside the fact that sometimes they make people look a bit of a hoodlum, had me sworn off the trend. This was until however, I saw a pair of Fila Disruptors on a short girl who still managed to look stylish and of normal height!


This massively inspired me to purchase the Fila Disruptor II. I hoped I would look just as good as the girl, but if not, I got them through ASOS so I had free returns!

In the week it took for me to receive them, I had planned so many outfits that would incorporate them. None of them summery though.

Once they arrived I was OBSESSED.

They didn’t make me look stumpy, nor did I look like a thug! Hence why ugly trainers make an appearence in my top summer shoe trends.

They are also incredibly comfortable and they make me feel like I’m walking on air. The only downside though is how incredibly white they are. I am a massive klutz and the idea of owning footwear so spotless is a bit daunting.

How I Styled Ugly Sneakers for Summer

Like I said, all of my amazing ugly sneaker outfit ideas were not summer appropriate. I was thinking more leggings and a slogan tee, not full on summer glam. Although, after a good-old insta stalk I had a full-blown mood board of summer outfits and this one is my favourite!

If I’m honest, this outfit broken down sounds awful: a wooden bag, blazer and chunky sneakers? Dreadful. Although somehow, all put together it actually works.



As a solid foundation, I paired a simple black jersey dress under the blazer to keep everything clean and simple. The tones of the blazer complement the dress and give the look a modern summer feel.

Now, I’ve always been a sucker for a tailored blazer and this H&M one is a dream to style. The refined tailoring of the blazer contrasts perfectly with the athleisure vibes of the ugly sneakers. It also gives shape to the upper half while the lower half has the chunky shape of the shoes evening it out.


To keep my ugly sneakers summer-like, I obviously had to avoid wearing tights. I actually suffer from eczema on my legs which has left some scarring. Normally when I get my bare legs out I like to have some sort of distraction piece, whether it be ugly trainers or a bamboo bag!

This bamboo bag has garnered so many compliments since I ordered it last year. It’s a definite statement and really ups the seasonal feel of any outfit.


Top Tips For Styling Ugly Sneakers for the Summer:

  1. Elongate your legs in shorts, palazzo pants or like me, a dress
  2. Make sure your figure is complemented from the top to the bottom. If you’ve got shape on your feet make sure there is something equally as interesting on the top
  3. Balance out your statement pieces, for instance, above I am wearing three statement pieces but then I have a basic jersey dress, no jewellery and natural makeup. Don’t be too out there
  4. Again, natural makeup is favourable as the shoes are relaxed, so your face should also be
  5. Stay true to your personal style

Dress // H&M

Blazer // H&M

Sunglasses // Ray Ban

Bag // Amazon

Sneakers // Fila


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