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Bonjour mes amours!

I’ve been in France this week, arguably one of the fashion capitals of the world and I’ve loved having the opportunity to try out some of my favourite looks in the sun …Even if the weather has been a bit on and off. 
Supporting the classic topknot I’ve been vibing the athletic chic look which is always a must in transitional period between the seasons!

Last year I spied a gorgeous look by Chloe Law on Instagram which was inspired by Kylie Jenner, I fell in love instantly and ever since have been on the look out for a similar style!
Oversized jerseys are my calling in the Summertime, they are so effortless and slouchy which is perfect for the warm weather, or even a pull over at the beach!
 This jersey attracted me from across the floor of the Menswear section in Primark, for only eight pounds you can’t go wrong even if it wasn’t made for a dress! Underneath I did have to wear a little dress as the jersey is slightly too short if I bend down, although I have worn it with a pair of shorts which looks the same because it is so baggy.

A must of any summer outfit is a good pair of sunglasses, if I am honest I am always looking at quirky sunglasses but my face just doesn’t seem to look right in half of them so I end up back with these classic round framed glasses that go with anything!
Accessorising this sporty chic look is my fab new necklace, I’ve been on the search for a coin necklace for a couple of months but found most of them are slightly out of my price range no matter how amazing they are. This was only eight pounds, did you hear that? 
Eight pounds!

Some of you may recognise these sensational gladiator sandals from one of my latest post, they add a little bit of style to a fairly simple look. Due to the shortness of the jersey the high laces help break up the leg space stopping the dress looking obscene. They also come in three different colours!
Jersey// Primark
Sandals// Mango
Necklace// Boohoo (similar)
Sunglasses// New Look


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