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I swear every week it’s getting colder here in the UK which has caused me to have to go and buy lots of sweaters to get through this dull period. In all honestly I’m not going to complain about new clothes but it definitely made me remember the point of clothes is warmth as well as style!

With it being Fashion Week I’ve been checking out the street style and one of the most popular pieces that can been seen floating show-to-show is the bomber jacket. I’ve not had my bomber jacket out recently but seeing their popularity reassured me that I can bring it back out to play and I’d totally forgot how warm and toasty it is!
Khaki is killer colour this season, it’s been reported to be the new black…and I love black. The colour is tran-seasonal which is great for piece as frequently worn as a coat is. It’s a simple colour and easily wearable, it adds a pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit. By adding this jacket it give chilled ‘street’ vibe.
Hidden under the warmth of my bomber jack is my new monochrome block colour sweater from Topshop. The hem is slightly cropped but with the high waist of the trousers it sits nicely and stuff manages to keep me warm. I also loved the downward arrow style, it’s simple but easy to accessorise and be layered.
Recently I had to throw away my leather-look leggings which broke my heart but I found my salvation in New Look with these pleather trousers. I can’t believe I never got this leather styles before because they are super comfy, high waisted and have back pockets!
There is no surprise behind my Mulberry being centre stage again, this time alongside a pair of Converse, white of the shoes matches perfectly with the flash of white on the jumper. This is such a relaxed (and warm) look, I love the different materials put together and it is great for a casual day out!
Jumper// Topshop (in store)
Trousers// New Look Fashion
Shoes// Converse
Bag// Mulberry
Sunglasses// RayBan

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