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So it’s Springtime and as much as I adore wearing monochrome, I’ve had to put my black skinnies to the back of my wardrobe and embrace the lighter tones. There is nothing more elegant than a neutral palette, it’s feminine, fresh and easy to style. However, you’ve got to remember that its very easy to get washed out when wearing such light colours, so you have to make sure there is one statement colour that draws in attention.

Nude clothing isn’t just for Off-Duty Models or the Kardashians, anyone can wear the tones that match their skin and flatter their hair colour. There is a aura of luxury when wearing nudes, if matched with the right colours, you can make inexpensive pieces look terribly chic and high-end.  It’s always a good idea to have a couple essential nude-pieces in the back of the wardrobe. For instance, my trench coat looks amazing paired with jeans, trainers and a basic tee.
So the trench, it’s gorgeous right? Once I saw it in the shop I couldn’t take it off. I was apprehensive about having such a light jacket, I questioned if I would even wear it enough. However, like I just said, it goes with pretty much anything and adds a flair of style to every outfit it goes with. Something I adore about trench coats are the length of them, there are so many different lengths and styles, so even if you aren’t super tall there will be a trench for you. This one grazes just above my knee and I’m not overly tall in the slightest. It’s perfect for me to style with heels, the length still appears long and looks super refined.
The darkest tone in the outfit is obviously the beige body, which contrasts nicely with the lighter tone of the trench and the jeans. I’ve practically replaced all of my tops now with bodysuits, they always compliment a figure, giving it a sexy silhouette and take little to no effort to style! I find this body’s lace front is a little flirtatious with snippets of skin on show down the chest but isn’t half as explicit as some plunge bodies. 
I paired the body with a simple pair of white jeans from New Look. It’s always a sign that summer is coming when I get out my white jeans, they always give an outfit a fresh new appearance. The light denim has had a bit of a bad rep over the years but their return last summer confirmed they are back as a wardrobe necessity. Being the only white piece in the outfit allows the other nude pieces to bounce of the lightness of the denim and stand out, rather than merging into background. 
One of my favourite pieces in this outfit is the  Kurt Geiger tote, it’s the best alternative to the Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour and costs around seven times less! The structural build up of the bag contrasts perfectly with the relaxed fit of the trench giving it a classy modernised feel.  On their website the Saffiano is described as elevating your everyday wardrobe and I have to agree, it’s got a Scandi-style vibe that screams minimal.
To tie the look together I threw on my trusty nude lace-up heels, that happened to match perfectly to the tote. While the lace motif from the body is echoed in the shoes, connecting the look from top to bottom. The whole look is full of neutral colourings and the combinations make for a refreshing take on spring/summer time nudes, mixing basics with stylish statement pieces.
Body// Missguided (only available in black)
Shoes// Primark

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