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There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a huge jumper around the house and now the ‘jumper dress’ trend is back with vengeance, it’s perfectly acceptable to look slouchy outside your house! This comfy jumper came courtesy of an old friend who has recently started their own clothing line Przym, and as soon as it arrived I knew it would look great as a jumper dress!

After seeing Kourtney Kardashian a few months ago rocking that Yeezy jumper with thigh high boots I knew I wanted to try out that look! There is something so effortless about wearing guys clothing, I was originally apprehensive about the length of the grey sweater being too short for a dress but once I tried it on all worries vanished, the sleeves go on forever and I love that, as I like to hide my hands in sweaters especially in the winter.  It’s also surprisingly warm and I have taken to wearing it tucked into jeans or leggings for a super casual look.

This season brings the return of the nineties grunge trend and personally I can’t get enough of it, I love lots of washed out colours. The fact the jumper is grey makes me feel so relaxed in it, it’s not as harsh as black or white. Also I love the Przym logo, the geometric style is so unique and the size just breaks up the solid grey space.
I can’t get over how fab this denim jacket is too, it was the perfect match for the sweater with it only being a couple of shades darker. Plus the relaxed fit of the jacket it fits with the oversized charm of the sweater, it’s a pair made in heaven.
By wearing an outfit that has no real structural elements it makes it so easy, it gives the appearance of being baggy and hides your figure which can be totally complimentary, if like me you have a larger bum, it’s nice to hide it sometimes. 
Once again I’m decked out with my favourite thigh highs from River Island. Since the hem of the sweater is still pretty short they work brilliantly to break up the skin on show. Another benefit is that they contrasts with the baggy top half, the material is tight but also adds a bit glamour and height to a fairly effortless look.
Sweater// Przym
Jacket// ASOS
Boots// River Island
Sunglasses// Ray Ban

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