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It doesn’t seem like it was only a month ago when I was lying on a white beach in Jamaica. Ever since I’ve been back back home I’ve been struggling adapting to the autumnal ambush. For a good week while I had serious holiday blues I literally lived in sweats! I had no inspiration for the current season because I just refused to accept that summer was over. Anyway, I eventually had to pull myself out of my rut and force myself to remember that autumn is actually one of my favourite seasons.
I recently had someone ask me if I was a ‘goth’ because they had only ever seen me wearing dark clothes. Initially I was a little bemused by their question but then I couldn’t help but laugh, everyone has a go-to palette and just because my happens to be black doesn’t mean anything. Autumn is all about layering, textures and experimenting with new and old styles. This look is no different, highly influenced by the decorative 80’s rock aesthetic.

One thing I’ve always admired in fashion is how the extravagant so easily merges with the normal. Big sleeves are a stylistic choice I’ve always been interested in but slightly to scared to try. However, when the bell sleeves popped up in stores a couple of months ago I couldn’t resist. This Forever 21 blouse made me feel like I should be up on stage with Robert Plant or Mick Jagger. There is something so appealing with the effortless draping of the blouse. The sleeves themselves look incredible peaking out of the leather jacket almost appearing as muffs.
Due to the opening at the front of the blouse I had to pair it with a small black crop, but I positioned it so there was still a tiny piece of skin on show under the little black basic. If it were still the summer, I think this blouse would look amazing with a simple lace bralet on show beneath.
This 80’s inspired look wouldn’t be complete without the help of a little accessory. When I saw photos of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kendall Jenner donning a skinny scarf I knew I needed to get on board with the trend. Topshop provided me with this fab detailed scarf. Wearing it wrapped around my neck like I have done, it also flirts with the idea of a choker!
To contrast with the flowing shape of the blouse, the tightness of the jeans gives the outfit a mix-match vibe of textures and fit. It also just makes my inner ‘goth’ happy by wearing yet another dark item!
Last but not least, I finished this look off with the latest addition to my shoe-drobe. These peep-toe booties give me major Balmain vibes with the subtle embroidery. It’s not easy to see here, but there is extra space around the ankles which compliments the blouse. It also adds a little more glam to this look!  
Top // Forever 21
Crop Top // Next
Bottoms // New Look
Scarf // Topshop
Boots // Missguided


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