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I can honestly say the January Blues have hit me hard and I’m finding it really hard to motivate myself! I’m also finding really tempting just to throw on a pair of yoga pants and big shirt and not bother with my make up just to be comfy, but I’m trying to put a stop to that now.

It’s very rare for me to wear dresses in the daytime so when I found this high necked midi in the River Island sale I couldn’t resist just trying it on. It’s actually so warm which is perfect for the current weather situation, and the high neck with half sleeves just highlights to look forward to the springtime.
The best thing about the dress length is that it fits perfectly with this waistcoat length, waistcoats have been a massive style statement over the past year. By losing the arms of the coats and shedding some layers, the waistcoat is made to just been thrown on effortlessly and everyone needs a waistcoat to be hung in the wardrobe. The waistcoat original stems from the seventies bohemian period but now it’s become such a vital piece that when paired with the right items it becomes a necessity that screams casual while also being sophisticated and elegant!  
These little booties were such a bargain buy at only £10 and I think they have a bit of a Saint Laurent vibe to them and honestly who wouldn’t want that? This whole look is very casual but well structured and layered, mixed with a topknot it works perfectly on for an on-the-go outfit that could also be great for day-to-night styling.
On hand I had my trusty Mulberry Bayswater once again, I don’t often write about this bag but it is my life. It’s the perfect size for a handbag and always manages to set a look off with a bit of class. The bracelet is very minimal which I think an outfit like this only needs, simple but breaks up the distance of skin in the arm without overshadowing the rest of the look. 
Dress// River Island
Jacket// House of Sunny (similar)
Bag// Mulberry
Boots// Ebay
Bracelet// New Look (similar)
Sunglasses// RayBan 

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