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I can’t believe it’s December, I swear it was summer like a week ago? However, this time of year does contain one of my favourite days: Black Friday. For some reason that one day always seems to extend to around a week full of discounts and deals. In true blogger style, I decided it was the perfect time to treat myself…to everything. Something I really want to expand on is casual wear, I spend most of my days living in jeans and basic tees, so thats exactly what I want to share with you all. My own take on simplistic style. This look is so badass. I love it, it’s easy, it’s quirky and a little rebellious. This look is something I would wear out to lunch, drinks or maybe a meeting. It’s the perfect mixture of day-to-night.

If you take a look through my wardrobe you’ll find a lot of basics, a lot of black and a hell of a lot of biker jackets. There is just something so chic about a cropped jacket with a belt and buttons. As soon as I saw this jacket, I knew I was taking it home. Zara just killed it with this khaki suede biker, it feels luxurious and upgrades any basic outfit.
A simple black crop top really allows the jacket to stand out as a statement piece. This year the khaki has been called the new black, it’s an wearable colour that while not a neutral it blends in with an outfit with ease. I chose to match khaki with black as they compliment each other in such an effortless way.
Another Black Friday purchase was my first pair of Vice jeans from Missguided‘s new denim line. I’d never bought jeans from them before as I was nervous about sizing online. However, I was so shocked that they were the perfect and really good quality. The high waist works with the cropped top  leaving just enough skin to separate the two pieces. 
This is my kind of day-out outfit, something simple but with flares of statement fashion. Since I’m all about practicality, of course I had to have my Saffiano tote in hand. Personally, I love the contrast of forms between the relaxed fit of the jacket and the structured bag.
Topshop provided me with this fab choker. For someone who doesn’t obsess with necklaces, I do have a love affair with chokers. Straight away they make an outfit super edgy and just ooze glam. This choker is made up of five faux leather bands that are studded, it’s quite a thick piece but with the right neckline it is not overpowering. Perhaps it’s just to do with the studs but it does look a little sexy too.
Tying the whole outfit together, is the part that I know you’re the most interested in! These studded block heels. I mean, come on. How beautiful can a pair of shoes be? They perfectly match the choker and just look so badass. I turned up the jeans just to highlight how quirky the heels are and give them the attention they deserve. Interestingly enough, I actually really like the fact that they are a block heel, I think it makes them sit happily on the line of casual or formal. 
Jacket // Zara
Top // H&M
Jeans // Missguided
Choker // Topshop (similar)
Shoes // Missguided

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