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Everyone should own a playsuit, they are the perfect day-to-night pieces. Just by swapping a necklace or shoes manages to change up the same item for the appropriate time. Also the plunge neckline is easily covered up with a bandeau for a day-time look, I personally love the neckline for a evening out for drinks or a meal.

So this playsuit is from gorgeous Nuer Clothing and was sent to me by the lovely team over at MiMagazine (where I was their featured blogger recently)! They have created the MiShop on their website, its a online store full of new brands and I have to say the selection of products and styles is huge, there is definitely something for everyone. You better take a look here!
One of my favourite things about this playsuit is the detachable matching belt, it pulls int the waist giving the look a centre point but also looks really lovely as a thin neck scarf. Thin neck scarves are a bit scary if you’ve never given it a go before but the classic hippy style is so cute for a daytime look and make your neck look twice as long!
 Teamed with my stripy playsuit is this faux-suede jacket, I’m a sucker for anything suede and when this beauty caught my eye I was sold straight away! The biker jacket style is a timeless piece but mixed with the seventies trend it making it the perfect partner for the vertical striped playsuit.
Suede is a statement this year, its relaxed and flattering, remember Burberry’s suede coat we all envied, we all want a jacket like that, well this is probably the closest I’ll get. The length of the coat to the bottom of the playsuit draws attention to the waistline and the hips, giving the impression of curvy figure!
Embellishing this look is my favourite thigh-highs you probably all recognise by now and a simple chain necklace which breaks up the empty space around my neck. I really love this look for a evening out, it remains classy but with a suggestive neckline, still managing to make you feel sexy in a loose outfit
Playsuit// Nuer Clothing
Jacket// New Look
Boots// River Island
Necklace// Boohoo

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