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The weather this week has really taken a turn, snow is on the horizon and knits are at the forefront of my wardrobe. While I’m a self-confessed cold-weather wimp, I do adore winter style and layering. If I have to brave icy paths I will be wrapped up to the max, in what I like to refer to as my ‘big winter coat’.

I got my hands on this aviator coat last year from Pretty Little Thing. Honestly, it has become my go-to winter coat when it’s freezing. This ultra stylish coat is perfect for a range of winter outfits. The black faux-suede exterior with soft beige lining is complementary to all outfits. The buckle detailing on the sleeves give the whole look an edgy vibe with a bit more of an industrial feel.

Winter Coat
Winter Coat 1

The heavy-duty material and oversized fit works perfectly with the fitted style of the leather skirt. I was actually really impressed with the quality of this skirt and how the stitching pattern of the panels compliments my figure. One of the best things about this skirt is that without the coat, the outfit still has texture from the stitching. Honestly, a leather skirt is a staple in any wardrobe because of its versatility and surprising warmth.  

Tucked into the skirt, this mustard blouse from Missguided that features gorgeous frilled details on the collar and sleeves. Normally, I wouldn’t pick this colour out but something about the style really drew me in. I never really felt like yellow was my colour but actually mustard is much more appealing. It is not as vibrant as yellow nor as flashy but definitely more wearable. Mustard has dominated the fashion industry this year, it really came in during the spring and hasn’t really left since. Thank god.

Winter Coat 2
Winter Coat 3

I’m sure you recognise the necklace from my last post, I’ve not actually taken it off since. I feel like the frilled collar is full of interest and the pendant just extends the details of the look. 

Obviously, one of the biggest details of this look is the black fedora. It’s essential to throw on a fedora on during the winter, it easily breaks up the outfit and embellishes the look. Fedora hats always look chic, celebrities constantly wear them because they instantly make an outfit edgier. They are great for dressing up a simple jeans and tee combo but also, in this case dress down a leather skirt and thigh high boots. 

Top // Missguided

Necklace // Forever 21

Hat // Forever 21 (similar)

Skirt // Missguided

Shoes // River Island

Coat // Pretty Little Thing 


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