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It’s been a long time coming but this week I finally bought a denim button up, last summer they were so popular and I just didn’t get it but now I am all on board! I love the slouchy loose fit and the simplicity of piece. This stunning suede skirt was made for being paired with denim and below I’ll rave about my button up’s versatility! 

Inspired by the likes of Khloe Kardashian, the old school tie around the waist trend has come back around! It’s such an effortlessly chic look, the shape of the shirt hanging replicates the a-line style of my shirt. It’s a must for a trip shopping or even just a day out!

Okay so the relaxed look is super simple and creates layers which is perfect for summer evenings, it’s covered enough skin for the nightly chill but leaving it unbuttoned gives the appearance of a summery outfit.
Tucking the shirt in really brings out the seventies vibes, one of my favourite trends this year! It highlights the high waist on the skirt which shows off the a line style making it very fitting. 

This has to be my favourite way to wear this shirt in another classic style, the cowgirl knot. It manages to break up the outfit, giving in interest in the midsection and the cropped effect makes the torso appear longer. It’s a fun and flirty look which is fab in the heatwave we are in in the UK at the moment!
Shirt// New Look
Skirt// LilyLuLu
Shoes// Converse


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