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One of my favourite things about the start of a new season is the mini shopping spree to restock your wardrobe! This season, I’ve made a decision to branch out my style and try things a little bit out of my comfort zone, hence this post! Now, full disclaimer, I actually work for Robert Goddard which is a British business that specialises in designer clothing. I really wanted to share this unboxing because one thing Robert Goddard do really well is providing a stylish experience throughout!

Working with clothing all day definitely doesn’t help my shopping addiction, but does aid in replenishing my wardrobe. One thing I adore about Robert Goddard is the packaging! I think it’s fair to say that packaging is the icing on the cake when ordering online, it’s nice to receive something and you actually want to keep the box since it’s so pretty! A cute little finishing touch is how each box has been sealed with love by a member of the team and they personally sign their name adding to the whole experience.

Now onto the interesting part, what I ordered! Jumping right out of my comfort zone, I picked up a Barbour jacket. I have never had one before but had heard all about the incredible quality and when I saw the International Bearings Jacket, I had to have it.


If I’m honest, I do not have a ‘raincoat’ or any practical jacket that’s particularly weather resistant, so this wax coated jacket was just what I was looking for! One thing that was always holding me back from getting a waterproof coat was the fit, if I am going to be stuck in the rain I at least want to feel and look nice! This coat features a fab belt that really cinches the waist and provides a flattering shape, not overly common with a raincoat! It’s also pretty lightweight and unlined so I think it will become a staple in my summer styling – especially for festivals! If Alexa Chung can slip on a Barbour at Glasto, I think I can definitely give it a go too!


Make sure to check out Robert Goddard’s website and their new Spring/Summer 2018 range and let me know what items you would like to take home with you!