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Dark nights spent under blankets with mugs filled with hot chocolate, faux fur being worn practically everyday, searching for the perfect knee-high boots and completely revamping your wardrobe, claiming you have ‘no warm clothes’. 
These are some of my favourite signs of winter, however the main reason I always know winter has arrive is by getting a cold. Sadly the past three weeks have been filled with tissues and soup, it doesn’t matter though since winter is my favourite season in fashion.
November has established the essential need of faux fur, velvet and sparkles for this season. I’ve been getting most of my winter wardrobe pieces from H&M, who seem to be loving the statement sparkle almost as much as me!
Sparkles in mind I bought this amazing glittery dress – Yes I said dress. The dress itself is rather short so I have been safely wearing it as a long sleeve top, just to try and save my dignity. I’ve been looking for a long sleeve sparkly top for a while and couldn’t find one anywhere so this is the best option. The detail of the dress is sewn in, so no signs of sparkles getting everywhere! 
Paired with the ‘top’ is a lovely snakeskin print, faux leather skirt. The dress is tucked into the skirt it gives it a almost body con top look. Since the skirt has a subtle print it looks to be very plain but close up it brings interest.
As a jacket I wore this gorgeous knitted waistcoat which has a tint of greyish blue in, thankfully it has pockets too which is always a bonus! Unfortunately I can’t find it online but it’s super warm yet looks so chic, the blue in the knit matches the top perfectly. It makes the skirt/top combination look slightly more slouchy and relaxed whilst still being elegantly stylish.

Topping off this winter look I chose my favourite boots that I got from Mr Shoe a fortnight ago from a trip back home. They’re surprisingly comfy, the grey suede has a tint of purple in which compliments the knit. Also the wintery colouring matches the knit.
Dress (Top) // H&M
Waistcoat // H&M
Skirt // H&M
Boots // Mr-Shoe

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