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Wrapping Up This Winter Lookbook feature
As promised, I am back in the swing of things with this new post, all about how I plan to keep warm this winter. There is nothing more essential for winter, than having a good jacket. I honestly couldn’t even tell you how many coats and jackets I have stashed away. I’m a coat hoarder and I am fine with that. Recently, I’ve just got back from America, I was in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Apparently, they were having an unseasonably hot Thanksgiving period and I hadn’t packed for that level of heat. So, obviously we hit the shops hard trying to find appropriate clothing. I came out with two jackets and my best friend came out with three faux fur coats.

wrapping up this winter lookbook closeup
This look is currently one of my favourites, I think everything works seamlessly together and with my hoop earrings I feel like I should be in a girl band. I think you can dress this look up or down and it is really practical. When it gets colder, I struggle with getting the perfect winter look, I wear a good outfit but don’t put any mind to the jacket actually keeping me warm, so I freeze. Since it’s going to be hitting -1℃, I really needed something that I can wear all the time and be warm in so this is definitely going to be a go-to for me.
wrapping up this winter lookbook jacket
Red is my all time favourite colour, it’s vibrant, intense and a little bit flirtatious. The fact that it is dominating the market this season is giving me great joy. Plus, it is the ultimate Christmas colour and I am feeling super festive this year! I picked this fantastic jacket up at the Grove Topshop in LA, it’s from the Californian brand Honey Punch. The cropped design is ideal for a plethora of looks, bodysuits and jeans, little back dress and much more. 
wrapping up this winter lookbook bodysuit
The inside of the jacket is adorned with shearling lining, as are the insides of the pockets. One thing to point out is that the sleeves on the jacket are incredibly long so I’ve folded them up, which actually I prefer. The style and cut of this jacket is very Scandinavian, there are a lot of lines in the stitching making it very angular and fitted.
wrapping up this winter lookbook full body
Since the jacket is so captivating, I really didn’t want to overpower it, so I paired it with a simple white bodysuit. I got this one from Pretty Little Thing for next to nothing, it’s a fab piece to have in your wardrobe as they are so versatile. My only bugbear is that it is pretty thin but with a bra or little crop top underneath there is no issues at all!
wrapping up this winter lookbook trousers
Similarly, I paired the bodysuit with my trusty lace up trousers from Missguided. I wear these so often, they were the obvious choice to match with this jacket. Just simple block colours that allow the fire red jacket stand out and astound.
wrapping up this winter lookbook necklace
To fill in the empty space around my chest, I threw on my latest necklace. I have spent so many hours searching the internet to find a necklace similar to the Versace pendants that are so popular at the moment! Like many, I’m not willing to splash out £600 plus on a necklace so when I found this one at $2 in the Black Friday sale, I was sold. It actually comes with another chain that I got rid of because I felt it looked too heavy. I just wanted it to sit effortlessly and give off a mediterranean vibe whilst not taking over the look.
wrapping up this winter lookbook details
One of my other Black Friday purchases was these stunning cuff block heel sandals. Each strap is embellished with a plethora of gold plated studs and they feature a super comfortable block heel. The tiny hint of gold from the shoes effortlessly matches the shine of the pendant and the hoop earrings, really elevating the whole look. 
wrapping up this winter lookbook full shoes
Jacket // Honey Punch (similar)
Trousers // Missguided
Necklace // Forever 21
Earrings // New Look
Shoes // Missguided