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From life stories to everyday bits and pieces, here is a bunch of lifestyle posts that I hope will inspire and excite you as much as they did me.

With these Secret Santa ideas, you're going to struggle to keep your identity as the best gift-giver under wraps. Shopping for Christmas gifts can quickly become difficult but Secret Santa shopping is the hardest of all.

It's perfectly natural to feel like you've fallen off the wagon in life and need to get yourself out of a rut. Personally, I seem to fall into a mode of feeling everything I do

Styling crochet was something I had never put much thought into. In all honesty, I found the fabric to be a bit 'twee' for my own style. In other words, I wasn't too impressed in

I've not come into this with a plan or agenda on how I want to do this exactly, I just know that I've been toying with writing this post for a really long time, so

Hello guys, long time no see! Or if you are new to my blog, hello my name's Laura and I hope you enjoy!  I do have to start with a little admin in regards to for

I've teamed up with the lovelies at X Jewellery to promote their new campaign all about inspirational women who are everyday heroes. They've created a calendar for 2017 that contains an amazing woman and her

Last week I was kindly invited to attend the Blogger's Summer Hangout in London. In March, I went to their Blogger's Fashion Week which was such a good time and I met some lovely people

I was recently invited to go to The Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week event held in Hoxton, London. Since I'm primarily based in York I've never been in a very easy position to go to these events,

I'm sure you are all aware how much of a candle lover I am, there is nothing I love more than relaxing on an evening with a few candles burning around me, the scents instantly

I was recently contacted by the lovely Kay over at LoveK London who was kind enough to send me this gorgeous keyring, honestly I couldn't believe how lovely their keyrings were. They offer a selection