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Winter is the season where candles should be a permanent fixture in everyone’s lives, I adore candles they manage to create a calming atmosphere while smelling amazing. Normally I buy Yankee Candles because they are super potent and have a decent burn time, however they can be pretty expensive…
Chelsey the founder of Chelsea Candle sent me these aesthetically pleasing candles and I think I’ve found my new favourite candle brand, plus they are only Β£5 which is an amazing price for the quality!


Chelsea Candle pride themselves on using high quality, hand poured soy wax and fine fragrance oils and they burn for up to 19 hours. The candles I received were Autumn Leaves and Green Tea & Lemon, before I even opened the cute packaging they arrived in, I could smell a mixture of blissful aromas in the air.
One of my favourite drinks is green tea so I was very excited to burn the Green Tea & Lemon candle and rightfully so, it’s completely refreshing and bright. There are hints of wood and roses which puts me right back to the summer, it’s the type of candle I would burn throughout the day time to rejuvenate and sooth myself. The scent is calming and manages detract me from current the cold days back to the warmer months of the year.
Autumn Leaves is definitely my favourite of the two, it’s such a warming scent fitting perfectly with its name. It’s an aroma full of wood and pine, it reminds me of a crisp fireplace on a frosty evening.
The mood the candle creates makes me want to wrap up in a blanket with a hot drink while watching christmas films, immediately it draws that ‘christmasy’ warmth and happiness inside me. I would love to be able to burn this candle all day and all night, it’s honestly the most beautiful candle I’ve ever seen and smelled.
I urge you to take a peak at the Chelsea Candle website and their Instagram where they have a selection of other scented candles, I know I am going to widen my new collection very soon! 

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