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I received the perfect January pick-me up from Charlotte over at Coconut Lane London, I’m a massive sucker for anything monochrome and was so excited to get my hands all over these gorgeous bits and pieces! They offer such a wide range of products including jewellery, prints, phone cases and minimalist greetings cards. I could purchase everything their site has to offer!

In my mind you spend majority of your time with your phone and it should definitely don a case that screams your personality. A girl can never have too many phone cases, I like to change mine up depending on my mood however I can’t see myself swapping this case for a very long time. It’s nice to have a case that actually shows off how thin the iPhone 6 is, plus the marble patter is to die for. I’ve taken a dive into the world of the minimal aesthetic and the marble look is so clean and fresh, just what I need for the new year!
If you follow me on Instagram you have probably noticed my obsession with monochromatic prints so I just couldn’t resist this print! They do loads of witty prints all with the options of being in white, black or pink. Similarly they have a collection of cards with similar quotes which are perfect to send out to your friends.
As a true Kardashian fan I couldn’t resist the temptation of this nail bracelet which is so close to the 18ct Cartier bracelet that stands at £5,300! However this one is £14.50, which is much more reasonable. Normally I struggle with bracelets being far to big for me but this beauty can be pushed up to appear like a cuff but also sits on my wrist effortlessly matching with my watch too.
I seriously urge you all to look at their site here and see for yourselves these insane items, and if you are interested in purchasing anything be sure to get 20% off with my code:
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    Had a look at this website Laura, they are all reasonably priced items and with your 20% 0ff code even better. I was looking for a link on your page but didn't see one?

    January 4, 2016
  • I just had a look and I had put a link but it hadn't come up as underlined as I thought! So I've added a another link which is hopefully more noticeable now, thank you for letting me know!
    Glad you enjoyed their site, I could literally buy everything! xx

    January 4, 2016

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