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I’m excited to do another favourites for you guys as I never got round to doing one in September, so this one is really my favourites of the past two months!

1. Nip+Fab: Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask
If you’ve read my recent review on this mask you’ll know I am a huge fan of this product. As it’s beginning to get chillier my skin always starts to dry up and this stuff is a godsend. I’ve even got my Mum hooked!
(Here’s a link to where they are being sold for less than half price)
2. Gooey X Sophia Webster Phone Case
Despite the slight makeup mark (oppps) how brilliant is this design? I’ve spent years just having clear cases but this is so fun and so different to anything I’ve seen, plus due to it being from Gooey it can stick to loads of surfaces, which is just so amusing! 
3. Garnier Ultra Dry Deodorant 
A bit different to my normal favourites but a definite essential!
My friend was raving about how amazing this deodorant was so when I was out I just picked one up and was majorly surprised! I have a tiny bit of asthma and occasionally some sprays effect me but this one is fine, it does actually last all day and the smell is so nice!
4. Makeup Revolution London: Blush Stick 
I’ve had this product for a while now but rediscovered it a few weeks ago, again it was recommended to me by a friend and at the price of £5 I couldn’t say no! I’ve got the blush stick in the colour Malibu and even though it’s a blush it come out a lot more bronze. I’ve been using it as a quick way to contour, it is so easy to work with and saves me a lot of time.
5. Jimmy Cho, The Original Fragrence: Eau de Toilette
I received the Perfume for Christmas last year and fell in love with the unique smell so when it ran out I got another one but this time the eau de toilette fragrance from the same range. It’s not quite as bold as the perfume is so it’s ideal for daily wear, it smells of oranges and pears and manages to last a long time.
6. Mac Cosmetics Brush 168
This brush is made for contouring and I use it to apply powdered blush to my cheek bones, it manages to pick up just the right amount of powder and is angled so it get right into the dips of your face, I would say it’s the softest brush from Mac I’ve had!
7. H&M Suede Gloves
So if you follow me on instagram you may have already seen these lovely things, they are a gorgeous burgundy colour with leather detail around the thumbs. Suede has been a huge trend this year and these gloves manage to transcend the summer and carry the style into the winter wonderfully!


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