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One of my favourite accessories is a statement necklace, I always recommend everyone to have at least one statement necklace! They instantly manage to glam up any outfit and are perfect for a transition between day to night!

This stunning piece was handmade in Miami by a company called Mirina Collection, they have a massive range of gorgeous necklaces that I need to have in my possession.  The necklace I was sent is called the Riley, it’s chic while being a little edgy. It’s a silver plated and filled with subtle crystals that are not too in your face! 
Something I found slightly misleading with the company is that they don’t charge a standard shipping, the shipping also includes weight and does differ so make sure you check how much more on top of the actual necklace you would have to pay as it can be a little pricey! I placed my order with Ashleigh, with complete knowledge that all of the products were handmade to order and it would take 3-4 weeks to get to me. After a month I contacted Mirina to see if they could give me an update on my order as I hadn’t heard anything since I originally ordered the necklace. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I received a response that included a tracking number, three days later it arrived at my door.
Their packaging is to die for (I did have a photo however the quality was awful), it was a little box that contained a package in blue tissue paper with a contrasting blue ribbon. Opening up the package I was a little nervous as I had read that quite few people received their necklaces with a jewel missing or a chain broken due to the shipping, however my necklace was in perfect condition. It was exactly like it was shown on their site and I couldn’t wait to wear it out.

If you’re also a huge fan of statement necklaces take a peak at their site, you won’t regret it! If you find anything you like here is my 20% off code to be used on their site!

20% off with: laura20xo

I would love to hear your thoughts on Mirina Collections and what your favourite pieces on their site are!


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