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I’m sure you are all aware how much of a candle lover I am, there is nothing I love more than relaxing on an evening with a few candles burning around me, the scents instantly sooth me and everything feels really cosy. I am constantly on the lookout for new candles and I was so excited when I stumbled over Candelle & Co.  Candles seem to be popular in autumn and winter but they can also be great in the warmer seasons, I was surprised at how refreshing these scents are and how ready for summer they’ve made me.

Personally, I think packaging really does say a lot about a company. I’d actually had a message from Danielle the founder of Candelle & Co who actually said they were awaiting some shredded paper so my order wouldn’t have any in. Obviously this was fine as I was more excited for the actual candles rather than the packaging, however I was blown away with the candle boxes.  I’m a sucker for pretty much anything monochrome and these tubs really set the bar for the candles being held inside them. Plus I can use these fab tubs for storage now as well!
Unpacking the candles I was slightly nervous about the wooden wick as I’ve never dealt with one before. Candelle & Co pride themselves on their wooden wick and their wax being pure soy, their site assured me that the wooden wick would help burn the soy wax which should last me around 40 hours.
The aesthetically pleasing ‘Fucking Fabulous’ candle’s scent is Pink Champagne, as soon as I lit it the flame was loud and big (you can find candle care and tips on their website too for the best results). Immediately the air was filled with a refreshing smell that reminds me of summer evenings, it’s full bodied and crisp. It has fruity elements specially berries and watermelon with floral hints, it’s a scent I could imagine being burnt at a party on the beach while drinking cocktails or even pink champagne!
The ‘Good Vibes Only’ candle is Cool Lime and before I’d even burnt it there was a bold citrus smell! Initially I lit it and after a few seconds it diminished but after looking on their website I learnt I didn’t light it evenly, so I tried again and then it was a-okay. This one is sweet but still super fresh, it’s a bit more smooth and asides from lime there was other citrusy hints and occasionally I could smell wood, possibly cedar?
Something I really appreciated was that the smell wasn’t over powering, some candles I’ve had unfortunately have been too strong and given me a headache. However, I blew them out and disappeared from the room, and on my return an hour later I was surprised that the refreshing smell was still there and lingering.
Their site is full of other fab scents and decor which look amazing and I’m honestly so shocked at how well the wooden wick works with the soy wax, I am definitely going to be trying out a few more!
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    These sound amazing! I love a candle, or two!

    Shannon // Shannonkara.com

    March 18, 2016
  • They are great, I'm obsessed! xx

    March 18, 2016

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