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Happy new year to you all! I can’t believe it’s 2016, I swear we were all wearing palazzo pants and drinking Pimms in the sun last week? Every year I write down a few resolutions I want to try and keep to but they never really seem to last, so I decided to be really realistic this year and share them with you guys so I have to keep to them.

Save NOT Spend
I’m sure we are all familiar with checking our bank accounts and being completely devastated at the number on the screen, I’m putting my hand up and admitting I’m so guilty of this. Instead of buying a sandwich while I’m out, I’ll eat at home and save the money up for something special I’ll enjoy more than a tuna baguette!
See You Later Anxiety
Over the years I’ve struggled with anxiety as many people do and as I’ve gotten older it’s getting easier to handle. This year I want to kick my anxiety to the curb, I am going to stand up for myself and stop apologising for things out of my control, I’m not letting this thing control my life.
Getting Back At It
This wouldn’t be a new year’s resolution list without having the cliche ‘I need to go to the gym’! I’ve been a member of the gym for a couple of years now and I actually do really enjoy it, it makes me feel happier and gives me so much more energy. My downfall is not being frequent at my visits, I can go a every day for three weeks and then nothing for two months. I lost three stone last year and I’ve never felt better in myself so I need to force myself back into it!
Relax And Smile More
I think everyone can smile more, I have a tendency to get weighed under with all of the worries and stresses life throws at me but I want to be able to relax and focus on the good things in life and everything I am thankful for.
Pushing Myself
Everyone needs a push in the right direction, I’m going to push myself to do more this year. I want to get out of that little place of comfort I reside in and do things a past self would be so shocked at. 
This is why I am pleased (while still slightly nervous) to announce that I have created a a Youtube account where I will soon be posting occasionally videos, something I never thought I would be brave enough to do. 
I hope you guys have an amazing year and I would love to know what some of your resolutions are!
  • I literally agree with every single one of those for myself! I really need to push myself to get past things! xo

    January 4, 2016
  • It's going to be tough, but at least we have a whoooole year to work on it!

    January 4, 2016

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