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I was recently contacted by the lovely Kay over at LoveK London who was kind enough to send me this gorgeous keyring, honestly I couldn’t believe how lovely their keyrings were. They offer a selection of personalised jewellery and keyrings, I’m not normally a huge fan of lockets but after having a look at their site I fell in love with the keychain charms! LoveK London’s motto is ‘to be able to provide women with a unique piece of jewellery in which they can create, capture and cherish their memories and life’.

There are various colours and sizes of chains and lockets, I personally am a sucker for silver and couldn’t resist something a little bit shiny! There is such a huge range of charms, definitely something there for everybody. I adore the elephant charms and the cute little ‘xoxo’!
The lockets are made of stainless steel so they are super durable- literally made for being knocked around with a set of keys or my bag. One of the coolest things about these lockets are they do open up so you can pick and chose what charms you fancy depending on the day. Also the actual lockets are interchangeable with the other chains on their sites, necklaces and bracelets etc.
The service I received from Kay was honestly amazing and I swear if you purchase something from them you won’t be disappointed with the product or the customer service! When I received my parcel I was excited by the gorgeous packing I couldn’t wait to get inside.
I was very surprised to find a letter inside the box saying that there was a selection of charms all of which was listed with the reason why they were sent to me, all relating to my life – for example a book charm because of my Literature degree – which I honest thought was so thoughtful… Okay,  I did cry!
Currently my key are keys are decorated with a massive Shrek so I desperately needed a bit of glam to brighten things up, so I am really thankful for LoveK London!
If you also need a bit of glam in your life take a look at their website where there is loads on offer, and use my code LAURA20 for 20% off your entire order!

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