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My new watch is from a gorgeous Australian company called The Horse which is run by a lovely couple called Scott and Amy. I am not really a massive watch-wearer as I get quite picky with items I’ll wear constantly, after looking at Dior and Michael Kors watches I realised that overly ‘bling’ watches are not for me. Stumbling upon their company whilst on instagram, I realised this leather company was the answer to my watch prayers. They had simple leather designs with a large dial and they looked so chic and simple.

I ordered the watch  Vegatable Tan Watch (unfortunately they are currently sold out but will be taking pre orders soon) and waited with baited breath for the delivery which can take up to 21 days. Scott and Amy were also both on holiday and there was a note that orders could take up to an extra seven days to be dispatched! Knowing I was in with a long wait I carried on with my week, until six days later I got a knock on the door and it had arrived. Six days from Australia! I swear it takes longer to receive something from Bristol…
As you can see the packaging was marked with the logo, inside the box the watch came in a canvas bag and a cute flyer with a hand written message from The Horse, which gave the whole experience a very personal and friendly feel to it.
Since having this watch I have been constantly wearing it and it is very comfortable. The only issue I had was that the leather was straps were untouched and  hard it took a few days to properly bend around my wrist naturally. One more interesting quality the straps have is that if water or marks tarnish the leather it has been created to develop and inherit marks which will darken the strap over time but in a natural patina that improves with age.


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