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Hello guys, long time no see! Or if you are new to my blog, hello my name’s Laura and I hope you enjoy! 
I do have to start with a little admin in regards to for my absence, I’ve really been struggling with motivation over the past six months and this caused me to go a bit MIA on socials for two months. However, I am happy to say I am definitely feeling much more inspired and cannot wait to get back to it.

Anyway – there is nothing that makes my day more than the sun shining. While the UK is no where near an exotic country, I do believe that when the sun comes out in Britain it’s one of the best places in the world. This in mind, we always need to be prepared for the weather changing it’s mind and due to it only being April you don’t want to get the shorts out just yet!

I’m a sucker for a off the shoulder number, especially with the sun out like it has been. This Indiana shirt from Missguided is one of my favourite ‘basics’ that I have in my wardrobe. I did cut this into a bardot style as it did come as a t-shirt! I’ve also just tied it up on the side to give it the cropped effect and seem a little more ‘seasonal’!
We need to have a little chat about these fab jeans! Seriously, can we just take a minute to appreciate them?
I saw these all over Instagram a couple of months ago and I was devastated that Missguided had sold out of all of the lace up vice jeans. So I waited patiently for their restock and then pounced quicker than I’ve ever done before and managed to bag this pair and another. 
Normally, I’m pretty boring with my jeans, opting for black or blue denim but the camel just screams spring/summer. The lace up detailing is delicate and quirky, while still hinting at flirtatious. 
My trusty Saffiano tote had to make an appearance for this look. The beige leather compliments the camel denim and nude booties, it creates a very neutral palette that is currently favoured by the Kardashians. Beige use to be commonly referred as being the most boring colour in fashion, but it has made a huge comeback over the past year and now it just oozes style!
Now, personally my favourite accessory is a pair of sunglasses, honestly I am a self-confessed sunglasses-aholic! I probably have more sunglasses that I do shoes…  While I was tempted to wear a pair of black Wayfarers to match the top, I felt like it would really split the outfit in half. Top all black, bottom nude tones. I didn’t want that, so I chose my tortoise pattered Wayfarers. Even though they still appear dark, close up there is a hint of contrast with the brown.

Shirt // Missguided (Similar)
Jeans // Missguided
Choker // Old (similar)
Sunglasses // Ray Ban

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