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I was recently invited to go to The Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week event held in Hoxton, London. Since I’m primarily based in York I’ve never been in a very easy position to go to these events, so this was my first blogging event. Beforehand I was very apprehensive as I wasn’t too sure of what to expect but it was such an exciting event which left me wondering why I hadn’t done any of these sooner!

Over the two stylish rooms in Provision Studios there was a number of brands all ready and waiting to meet with the bloggers and chat about their companies. The first people to welcome us were the lovely girls at Annie Haak, who showed us their cute jewellery, explained their new concept of ‘stacking’ jewellery and that were running a competition on the day to create the best stack. 

Other stalls included beauty products, such as Leighton Denny who really wowed me with their lipstick/stain combos that are super pigmented. The lip collection held some beautiful colours, the reds were bold as to be expected, there was a fab dark purple and also a dark brown. The dark brown was my favourite, there were no hints of red in the colour which is common in brown lipstick, but their’s is just an honest true brown.

They also have a range of tanning products and something I found very interesting is their collections of scents, two of their three scents are actually unisex! I couldn’t imagine how that would work until I smelled them and seriously they just worked.

Obviously I had to take a cheesy Insta Frame photo!
One of the brands who was kind enough to gift me were the gorgeous girls at the Curl Company and I’m honestly so looking forward to trying out their products. Straight away they began chatting about our hair types and I admitted my hair is naturally as flat as a pancake. They told me that unfortunately the whole range wouldn’t be all that beneficial to my hair so they went through and picked out specific products that would be useful for me and help my hair when I do curl it. I was really thankful for this as I can now try out their stuff and know that it was specially picked for my hair type.  

Talking about hair, there was a stand by Hair Tools, who were styling hair as seen below. They were promoting their range Electric Head Jog. The whole setup was very professional and had a lot of attention, so I waited until it was quiet and approached Annabelle who said the stylist Tom was just having a break. 
While we waited we had a great chat about what style I wanted, I explained I love beachy waves but struggle with hold and volume! When Tom returned I explained what style I love and he got me straight in the set and began. I ignorantly assumed it would take about 15 minutes but I was in the set for about an hour, during this time Tom explained each step he was taking and I quizzed him on all things about hair. 
Below is the only full photo I managed to get of my hair!

Both Annabelle and Tom made me feel super comfortable and let me keep a load of my bags under their table during the three hour break between sessions. This was definitely one of the best moments of the event for me as I felt like I was learning so many new tips and tricks while also getting Victoria Secret hair. 

 The other brands at the event ranged from organic drinks to nail wraps, I received so many amazing gifts from brands that I cannot wait to review, a selection of them are photographed below! I am honestly so thankful for everything I was given and within the next few weeks I hope to get all of my reviews up. I really want to thank The Bloggers Hangout for inviting me to the #BLFW, I had the loveliest time meeting so many amazing brands and other bloggers! 


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