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Last week I was kindly invited to attend the Blogger’s Summer Hangout in London. In March, I went to their Blogger’s Fashion Week which was such a good time and I met some lovely people so I couldn’t wait for this event. I’d agreed to meet with a couple of other lovely bloggers, Alice and Charlotte for lunch (AKA cocktails).  Lunch consisted of the ever glamorous Pizza Hut just down the road from the venue. We started with Woo Woos before digging in to a chicken pasta bake. 

The event was based just off the Strand, at the Strand Gallery. After a bit of Google Map-ing we found the gallery that was still getting setup. After a few minutes we were invited inside and instructed to begin downstairs while the other floor was just sorting out their finishing touches.

The first brand I was met with was Pink Parcel, a monthly subscription box all about getting through  that time of the month. They can include beauty products, chocolate, tampons, stationary and more.
The girls were lovely explaining their brand but the whole time I was thinking ‘why haven’t I ordered this before?!’ It was so refreshing talking about periods without there being this weird taboo about the subject, there isn’t enough open discussion about periods and I really feel like Pink Parcel are opening up the conversation about female bodies!
One of the things that really attracted me to the event was the presence of Blogosphere Magazine, I’m completely engrossed in fashion publications so the fact there is a magazine written by bloggers, for bloggers, really does excite me. I picked up a couple of copies and had a chat to them, they were really enthusiastic and I walked away with the hopes of writing a piece for them in the near future!
I also need to talk about Perk. I met the guys at another event where they were promoting another product, they were so friendly before that I couldn’t wait to go and have a chat. Within minutes I was filling a form in for a lip facial procedure, it was the cocktails leading me on! 
Never heard of a lip facial? Nor had I, Perk is the only lip facial on the market. I didn’t expect it to be so good, but it’s taken off all my dry skin and plumped them slightly. I even got to take home the solution to apply twice a day for a month!
Of course there were so many other lovely brands that I hope to write more about as I go through all the lovely goodies I was given. These brands included: Alfred & Wilde, Fausts Potions, Sass & Belle and Regenerate. 
Everyone was lovely as ever and I really feel like I’m part of the Blogger’s Hangout family now. So a massive thank you for the invitation and I’ll soon get round to trying out all these fab products!


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