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How to Spend Four Days in Budapest - Laura J Ayres
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In March I decided to make a last minute trip to Hungary. We went for four days in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. I had never been to Budapest before so similarly to New York, I meticulously planned what I wanted to see in advance. We managed to do so much in our four days in Budapest and I can genuinely say it’s one of the best places I’ve ever visited.

So I have curated a guide of recommendations and activities to help you curate your own city break.


I found the most amazing deal on Expedia for this trip! We stayed in an apartment which was called Goodtrip Apartments – Opera. I’d never stayed in an apartment before when travelling abroad so I was a bit nervous. Although I had no reason to be. The communication from the apartment was great and the standard was amazing. As you can probably tell from the name, we were in the Opera District which was very central and based in a more residential street. We were in a prime location so if you are struggling to find the right area, I can highly reccomend where we stayed.

As you can see the room was super minimal and fresh. It had a kitchen area, Netflix and the most incredible shower. The only confusion was the entrance which didn’t suit the decor of the room but we had no trouble at all.

The quirky lamps in the bedroom (pardon the wrinkled bed sheet it was our last day)
The apartment was brand new and very minimal

Cortso Bar
The Cortso do an amazing bottle of white wine


One of the best parts of Budapest has to be how cheap everything is, especially the food and drink. We dined at some amazing restaurants and drank at a lot of bars. Budapest is famous for its Ruin Bars and we visited a couple but our favourite had to be Szimpla Kert. There were lots of rooms and the atmosphere was unrivalled. We did plan to go at night but the queue was insane so we left it until the daytime. In hindsight we wished we did queue as the vibe at night must have been incredible but we were happy to explore in the daytime.

  1. Szimpla Kert
  2. Cortso (stunning bar by the riverside)
  3. Ray’s Bistro & Bar
  4. Szatyor Bar (quieter ruin bar)
  5. Akademia Italia

Szimpla Kert
Szimpla Kert

  1. LA PAMPA (Argentinian steakhouse)
  2. ZONA Bistro
  3. 10 Sixty-Six Bar (Best breakfast & bottomless mojitos)
  4. Trattoria La Coppola
  5. Meat Boutique
La Pampa Steakhouse


Faust Wine Cellar
Faust Wine Cellar


If you are as partial to a drink as I, then Faust Wine Cellar is a must.

If tasting wine isn’t enough, this experience is held underground beneath the rocky hillside of Buda. It’s based just around the corner from the incredible Matthias Church. To get to the cellar you have to go through a hotel lobby and the make your way down.

The wine cellar itself was astounding with fairy lights, exposed brickwork and history around every corner. As you can see the cave-like area was candlelit which created a romantic atmosphere.

The Cellar Manager talked us through eight different Hungarian wines and provided us with tasters of each. I realised that Hungarian white wine might be my newest favourite and we did purchase a bottle (which was very cheap).


As I said, we stayed in the Opera District so every morning we were passing the Budapest Wheel.

Ferris wheels are one thing that I think tourists cannot resist. There is something about being so high up and viewing the landscape from a tiny glass box that draws me in!

We were incredibly lucky that the weather was great so the clear blue skies made it the perfect day for going up. I had read that people had queued for hours but when we arrived at midday there was only a short queue.

Although the queue was short, we had much planned for the rest of the day so we paid the equivalent of £3 more for a VIP ticket. The VIP ticket meant we jumped the queue completely and got straight into a cab! We actually found that, while the queue wasn’t massive, we had come off the wheel before the people in front of us to pay had even got on.

I definitely recommend the £3 upgrade!

The Wheel Ferris
The Wheel
The back of Parliament

If there is one place you should make time for when visiting Budapest it is Parliament.

I can honestly say that this building is one of the most incredible buildings I have ever seen. If you book in advance you can actually go inside the building and see the crown jewels and the ornately decorated rooms.

Parliament sits on the riverside and behind it is a massive courtyard with guards that makes a great photo op. You can also see some of the gunshot damage on the buildings that surrounds it.


I don’t actually have any photos of the House of Terror but I genuinely think if you are in Budapest it is a thing should do. To start with I thought that it was a Hungarian version of The London Dungeon but no it’s not. The House of Terrors is a museum that has been created in the building where the Hungarian Nazi Party was based and then later the Soviet Union.

The museum has been filled with so much information about ‘The Iron Curtain’ and how the Hungarians were effected in both WWII and in the takeover of the Communist Party.

If you are interested in history, this museum is so important to visit on your trip. I can hold my hands up and say I didn’t know too much about Hungary’s history and that experience really opened my eyes.

Budapest has to be one of the coolest places I have ever visited. If you have booked to go, or are thinking about booking to go, I can assure you, you will love it. The architecture is stunning, the food and wine are cheap and sights are unmissable.

If you are planning a visit to Budapest and want any more information just drop me a comment and I’ll try and answer!


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