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So as I’m writing this I’m sat on a balcony, overlooking Bloody Bay beach during a tropical storm. This is my second day in Jamaica and honestly I already understand why the locals greeted us by saying “welcome back home”. There is something so friendly about island life, the people are amazing, the weather is beautiful and the lifestyle is something I really could get use to.

A couple of weeks ago Whistle Candy were kind enough to send me a few of their pieces. Normally, I would promptly post but as soon as I saw the items I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity of wearing them on my up-and-coming holiday. This playsuit was made for the white sands of the Caribbean, and not the overcast skies of the U.K.

The cotton material is a loose fit making it great for the heat, the draw strings actually work, making it easy to fit your body shape, or keep it baggy over a bikini! Due to it’s relaxing shape I went braless rather than fighting the slacked plunge neckline. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any ‘nip-slips’ because the material hung just right to my body.

Perhaps it’s the fit, or even the colourings that made me feel like a beach goddess. The white in the pattern helps show off the start of my tan while the baby pink gives a nod to the ‘neutral/yeezy’ trend that’s been sweeping the world this year. I also can’t wait to try pairing the playsuit for fall, I’m thinking thigh-highs and a duster jacket!

Though I ditched my sandals for the grains of sand to get acquainted with my toes, I have to talk about these simple black flip flop-esque sandals. I refuse to call them flip flops, they are far to stylish and smart. I’ve been wearing them pretty much solidly since they arrived two weeks ago, now that summer isending in the UK, I’ve paired these up cut offs and rolled up skinnies.

Of course I had to wear a signature choker that I’m sure you’re familiar with! Since I wasn’t wearing a bra I felt that it was very important to break up the space, by tying the lace in a bow it appears relaxed while simply connecting the darkness of the sandals to the rest of the outfit.

I’m so thankful to be in such a paradise and I’ll be regularly posting about my trip, as well as some more outfit posts!
Playsuit// Whistle Candy
Sandals// Forever 21

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